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oct 2007 worst buy in brick,n.j.purchased lcd tv at full sale price.opened the box at home only to discover ripped/loose/used packaging and greasy fingerprints on screen,marred/scratched surfaces on cabinet,all pointing to an obviously used/returned tv.

next day took back to store and demanded manager

to give full cash refund since purchased with cash.since tv was over $200 they claim cannot do cash refund.would only refund in form of a check in 2 weeks.not only did clown manager refuse full cash refund by citing a limited cash return policy,the clown manager also further offended me by

insisting i stand in customer return line to exchange for a new one even though they are the ones who

sold me a used lcd hd tv as if it were new!

so beware that WORST BUY sells used/pre-opened/returned items as new and just because

purchase made with cash doesn't mean cash refund!

not only did they lose all my future business permanently but in october/november(2007) alone, i convinced 4 other people to buy their home theater equipment and all other electronics from other competitors.what WORST BUY failed to realize is that not only do i set up home theaters but that everyone who knows me consults with me as the"go to guy"for all their electronic info,recommendations,purchasing and setups because of my vast technical knowledge and individual product in-depth research.uninformed consumers just pick a brand and assume all the products are equal in quality.

very poor financial move worst buy.for the $321 you refused to refund me,the company lost thousands upon thousands of dollars in the home theaters(hdtv,dvd/blu-ray players,sound amps,speaker systems,cables,wires,etc)/computers/camcorders/dvds/blu-ray medias/electronic medias/cell phones/appliances/digital cameras/mp3/ and other goods for myself and all those who consulted with me since the fall/x-mas season of 2007.

oh and did i mention that i and all the people since then have upgraded throughout the years?some are on their 3rd upgrade since 2007!myself included!

best buy is not smarter than a 5th grader because even a 5th grader knows

that everyone knows people and in turn those people know other people so that eventually word gets around.a 5th grader also knows it's smarter to make a customer happy whom had been sold a used product then to lose not only that customer's future purchases but also the future purchases of all the"wronged"customer's associates/acquaintances/colleagues/relatives/neighbors/etc.that would surely be influenced as if best buy did not even exist!

so in short, thank you worstbuy for though you won the battle of not refunding my cash,you lost the war of attaining anymore of my money and the money of so many people in many usa states and canadian provinces whose buying decisions i decisively influence to the extent they purchase from online and other"brick and mortar"competitors which in turn gives me such a deep satisfaction that is priceless!


soon i'll be assisting 2 different retirees relocate to warmer states.i've

already convinced them to sell/"give away" their"old" home theaters/electronics/appliances/furniture and just buy the new/modern/updated items at their new location.oops!! looks like worst buy lost out on 2 more high

dollar sales again! lol! and yes as all readers have probably realized,i feel so great having publicized this to even more people!!!

ding *** nobody beats the wiz is gone!so is circus city and soon worst buy

when the new big player shows up next year!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

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It's 2011 and Best Buy is still going strong. Looks like all those sales you denied them is really starting to show tragic effects.


Mann.....all this talk about electronics makes me wanna go to Best Buy!!!


Thank you to the two above me who not only know proper English, but are intelligent enough to see that this guy is the definition of full of it. Best Buy is not Wal-Mart-they don't sell things got crack-*** prices like $321-you bought an open box because you saw the price was good. No one who knows anything about home theater systems would ever pay that little for a television.



The limited cash refund policy is because they don't keep large amounts of cash in the store. Duh.

You are being a huge baby over nothing. Grow up.


Soooo this was 4 yrs ago who cares about the tv you broke and was told to pound sand when they followed policy. Oh also the jack holes that go bla bla bla I spend millions at your store are usually broke *** every time.