Asheville, North Carolina

Today (Thursday June 24) a Best Buy serviceman arrived at our gate and called from gate phone to say he was a Best Buy husband had made appt a while ago and since I didn't remember offhand (a message had been left from the morning, but I was not home in a.m. and didn't get it); I took a few moments to ask simple questions, i.e. "who are you here for?" (he didn t have a name)and he said something about wine cooler, and I replied that sounded familiar and I explained I didn't make the appt, and that's why I was asking, and was he there to pick it up, perhaps? He hesitated and seemed annoyed , said he was there for service, and then we were cut off by the gate phone, unfortunately...I tried to call back to open gate, and then got in car and drove down there to gate, and he was

G-O-N-E.....dust....... attempt to call me back at all.......

I called Dispatch to try to catch him and no I'm inconvenienced by an appt tomorrow instead which is an inconvenient time for me ...

I would have been happy to open gate but didn't realize how quickly we'd be cut off.......Apparently Best Buy servicemen are not particularly trained or gifted in the art of A) patience B) follow-through and C) professionalism......It's unfortunate if he was having a bad day, and I'm at fault for not immediately remembering my husband's appt. but there is NO WAY a professional of any sort should just dismiss a customer like that.

I am urging my husband to look elsewhere first, when purchasing appliances from now on. Trust me on that one. Thanks for considering my complaint and allowing a forum, Beth SEarles (and Mark)Fletcher NC 28732

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Are you serious? You give Best Buy/the Service man invalid contact information (home number when you're not there in the morning).

Upon his arrival you third degree him on his intentions at the gate when your husband initiated the service call any way. And you're upset because you had to be inconvenienced?

What about the service man? You don't think he was inconvenienced by your inability to open a gate and let him do his job?

Suck it up, *** No one is to blame but you.


Blahh Blahh Blahhhh!!!


Maybe you shouldnt have wasted the mans time and let him in when he told you why he was there. Why should he run late to his next appointment because you want to play games.

This was your fault and your fault alone. Stop pointing your finger unless its at yourself.


shut up ***