On 11/02 I used your web site to ask for tech support and was told by your online support person that the waiting time was 78 minutes for someone to be able to start working on my computer. Even though it was 5:30 p.m., I was assured they would still contact me that night.

They never did.

On 11/03 I once again accessed your site. I Paid $39.99, CAS 1041****-S9M1X1. Date 163605****000. The support person said there was no record of my request.

I waited a long time before someone was able to start working on my computer. At one point we were disconnected on the phone, and he immediately called back.. About 15 minutes later, he stopped talking. After 10 minutes I hung up, waiting for him to call back.

He never did. I returned to my computer, and noticed that the screen, which he controlled, changed several times. Then nothing. After another 15 minutes I called.

A person at your office asked if the Geek Squad icon was blinking. When I said YES, he said that meant that I should press on it. When I did, it stated he was unable to complete the work. In my mind, he should have called to Let me know that.

There is NO WAY I knew what was going on.

On 11/04, for the third time, I accessed your site. When I finally got connected to someone to help me, he tried 4 times to help. He would give me a passcode, which i would enter, and then enter my email. Each time, he was unable to connect to me, and said it may be better if I try later, or the next day.

Today, 11/05, I had to go through the entire thing again with your online agent, including asking if I wanted to get a plan, what was wrong, etc., etc.,, I was then told it would be up to 2 hours before someone could help me.

I had a geek squad plan for many years.

My last one expired in May of 2021. I always loved your service. I realize these are tough times, but I am sure you can agree that what I went through is very aggravating. I am asking that we agree on a specific time for me to call, and at that time, I be placed at the front of the line, so I do not need to wait another two hours for service.

And that the service call is completed this time.

AND, if it cannot be completed successfully, that my money be refunded.

Thank you for reviewing this problem. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Location: Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

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