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Best Buy in Cajalco just lost our business forever!!! Originally we bought a Samsung fridge when we bought a new home, we had luckily purchased a geek squad insurance, because less than one year later the fridge had so many issues they agreed to replace it with a new one.

We then upgraded and paid another $500 to buy an LG fridge. Well less than one year later that LG fridge is now broken and the geek squad is unable to repair it to proper working condition. They agreed to then give us another replacement so we go to Best Buy try to buy now a third fridge in just 2 years... and just found out they are unwilling to give us what our fridge is worth today towards a new fridge.

Because we went during memorial day weekend we got a discount on our current fridge which to get the same fridge today we needed to pay an extra $1000!!!! Finally after complaining enough they agreed to swap us for the same fridge. But we don't want a fridge that continually broke! We asked to get the same value towards another brand fridge that was $200 cheaper.

But they refused. But did say they would price match. So we tried that route but again they refused because it was an online store even though it was only $100 difference than what our fridge was worth! For someone who is now sold us two refrigerators that ended up being lemons...

they did nothing for customer service. Now, we have to wait until their memorial day sale without a fridge so then we can get the sale price...

what sense does that make??? We are a family of five with one toddler without a properly working fridge because of Best Buy!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sounds like because of LG not best buy..? They don't make *** and it's not a *** charity..

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