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Took my daugther's laptop for repair three times for the same problem, Three times they replace the power cord. Today I refuse to accept it.

I told them that The power cord should not stop working every 4 months, sometime else is wrong with the computer or the power cord is defected. They said we had our best people look at it and it was the power cord.

I continue to tell them that I should not have to continue to replace a power cord every 4 months. They told me to either take my computer or just abandon it, because we did all we can do, it is working.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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So what's the problem? They fixed your computer.

Refused to accept it? That's precious. What did you think that would accomplish?

Did you think they were going to go get a brand new one off the shelf for you so you would save them the trouble of recycling yours? You're funny.

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