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Today, March 3 my husband went into the men's bathroom only to find one stall was being used and the other was so nasty it couldn't be used. My husband who has many health problems was not able to wait so he hurry into the women's rest room that was empty at the time.

In a matter of seconds a sales person knock on the door and ask what he was doing. Then when he walked out the door four sales men were waiting on him, and one sales women. How bad is it when a senior citizen with health issues has to be embarrassed for going to the bath room. Would it not had been better if just one man had open the door and ask if he was alright.

Did it make the four men proud that they jump on him like he was some kind of bad person. Will that will be our last visit to your store.


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Restroom Facility.

Reason of review: rude sale people.

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OP:I Do Not see Exactly How the sales staff were overly rude in your complaint because That information Is Not included in your complaint.

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