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Two weeks ago, I went to Best Buy in Norwalk CT to buy some computers I needed for a small business. They did not have the computers in stock so the employee placed an order online for me.

I received an Email from Best Buy to come and pick up the computers that I paid for. However when I got to the store I came to a really rude employee Mike. He started yelling at me and waving his arms threateningly. Before me he was also yelling at other people in the store.

I understand everybody may have some problems at home, but coming to work you have to leave them behind and you cannot be rude to the customers. I approached him and explained that I have to pick up my online order. He started yelling at me and acting belligerently, and refused to give me my order. I informed him calmly that I have an important business purchase and I need to pick up an order that I paid almost 3,000 dollars for.

I tried to explain that I am an elite plus customer and spend over 40,000 a year at Best Buy. The employee Mike impersonated a store manager when I asked to see his supervisor. I later checked online and discovered that the store manager for this location is James Diaz, not Mike "Pugnacious". I asked to see the store manager and was told that he was in fact the store manager.

I informed him once again that this is a very important, time sensitive business purchase. At this point he told me to leave the store, and that he did not have time to deal with me. This sounded very racist, and this sort of treatment might work on illegal immigrants but I am an American citizen and I know my rights. I believe this was in part because of my accent.

I have a noticeable eastern European accent and there are many examples in history of people who hate eastern Europeans, like the ***. The service I received that day was horrendous and I was unable to pick up the computers which were very important to my business.

I am a very good customer of Best buy and I have never had issues like this before so I was understandably surprised that it happened. Once I left the store, I found other customers who were also treated badly and I asked for their names and phone numbers and I will follow up to get an affidavit from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: written and signed letter of apology from the rude employee and appropriate disciplinary action from his supervisor(s).

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Another bad and sad example of a customer playing the race card. It's so bad and sad people like this do this.

To: The Reviewer, you're the perfect example of why you're one those customers from h. You should see how many people are putting you down and not buying your bs review.


It's obvious that you're not telling the whole story here. Best Buy is a giant company that loves to sell things to customers.

If you in fact purchased this item you know as well as anyone with common sense know that you can also return it and buy it from somewhere else. Best Buy would lose your money which they don't want to do. Racism is not based on accent it is based on Skin Color. You can't pull the race card if you have a different accent.

That in itself explains more about you then your post. If I make fun of a white person as a white person from the south because they have a southern accent is that racism? What about a Brooklyn to a Californian accent. Give us a break and move on with your entitled whiteness.

The statement you made about Illegal Immigrants is borderline racist.

Stop using other races's struggles as your own. You are not held back in life because of your skin color.


One: if they did not say something overtly racist to you, they were not being racist. Do not go around accusing people of being something if you can't prove it; it just makes you one of "those" people who think that everyone is out to get them.

Two: No one gives a *** how much you spend at the store per year. For some reason, people think that they are doing a public service by spending there money somewhere - they then expect everyone to grovel at their feet because they are a premier member and so on. You are a premier member because you like free stuff. You spend your money not out of charity, but out of your desire to own something.

So stop acting like the world revolves around your pocketbook when you walk into a place. No one gives a *** about your inability to donate money to anywhere other than an electronics store out of your own selfishness.

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