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I went to the local Best Buy to return a Ipod Touch (un-opened) that was doubled up on for a gift.

I bought it just before Christmas, and the return policy was on a extended program (10 days extra), which ran out on Januray 31,2008. I arrived at the store at 10 a.m. Feb. 1, 2008 (according to my watch 13 hours later).

Normally I would not have waited, but it was for a birthday in January, and I travel extensively, so it was impossible to get their sooner. I was denied a return, unless I wanted store credit.

Normally I would have taken the store credit accept for the rude treatment of the manager on duty. He did not even bother talking to me (he was on the phone), just looked at me and shook his head no.

I expressed my displeasure and told him not to be so rude. He just rolled his eyes and turned his back to me, still on the phone.

I called Best Buy consumer complaint department, and waited ~5min to talk to a complaint specialist, who was pleasant, but also would not authorize a return 13 hours beyond the return date, unopened. Best Buy just lost 6 customers (me and my family) not because they would not give me a return, but for the rude managers behavior. This is no way to treat customers whom purchases pay for your wages!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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You failed to return on time your fault.


If they keep doing business like this, they will have to close their stores because peopple will stay away from them


If I knew how staffs of Best Buy,located in Sunnyvale city, handling return or exchange, I wouldn't buy products at Best Buy. I bought a laptop for my nephew(23 years old) yesterday at Best Buy and since my nephew used the laptop to play game online, he noticed that the laptop has a problem with some keyboard buttons.

Sometimes, one of the button A, S, D acts like a mouse. It's like you use mouse to click and hold on and never release a mouse. Therefore, we thought that we need to return the item or exchange it. However, when we were at the store and addressed the problem to the staff and we were told that the item is not defective and a restocking fee of 15% would be applied if we decide to return or exchange the item.

We were trying to prove that the laptop is defective, but we were unable to do that because problem does not always occur. In Addition, we were told that if a staff said that the item is not defective, then it not defective.

This is not right; we must find out the truth if the laptop has a problem or not, not what the staff determines. This is the worse shopping experience that I have had.


The acctual return policy is extended 30 days after christmas, not until Jan 31, so you were several days outside.

Your fault, not Best Buys.


Seriously even though you travel "extensivly" are you saying you were in the middle of no where the whole month of January? Every big city and about every 20 miles there is a Best Buy you couldnt have just taken 5 minutes out of your time to go in and return it.

Do you think the PEOPLE that work at Best Buy like telling you no like they are robots for the company. They are people like you and me. If people would just do things within the return policy and no hope that someone will help them out a day late then you wouldnt have this problem. Are you saying that if you went to any store with a product outside of the return policy they would gladly give your money back.

Sorry the rules are there for a reason don't think the world owes you a favor and expect everything you want. As for the manager..

Ya that was rude and if that was my manager I would ream him a new one because absolutly no one deserves to be treated like that! O and posting the numbers for people in the leadership positions is complete BS and you know that because honestly if you contact them with a problem they will reroute you to someone else because their jobs as CEO's and ownders is not to deal with small little $200 problems.


... unbe - FRICKIN - lieveable! :eek


Some people are just idiots. If you know what day the cut off is for the return, then go in before that.

This is no different then sending in a late payment for you mortgage and expecting the bank to waive the late fee because of your ignorance.

Best Buy is clearly not at fault for Oushotgun procrastination on a policy he/she knew about way in advance. :p


Thank you for the contact information definitely use it!!


Best buy leadership

Brad Anderson CEO/Vice Chairman/Director -


Shari Ballard, Executive Vice President, Retail Channel


Kim Motz at 612.291.5332 Shari Ballard’s assistant???


Bruce Chatterley, President and Chief Executive Officer,


Steve Delp, Chief Operating Officer, Magnolia Audio Video


Brian Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer


Julie Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Retail Training,


Jena Lund, Julie Gilbert assistant at 612-291-4030


David Hemler, Senior Vice President, Best Buy for Business


Paula Prahl, Vice President, Public Affairs

Lisa Smith- Best Buy Vice President Customer Care


612-291-5421 Office

Sean Skelley, Senior Vice President, Business Group Leader,


PR number at (612) 292-NEWS

Susan Busch, 612-291-6114 Director, Corporate PR


Dawn Bryant, 612-291-6119 Manager, Corporate PR


Mark Paragi

Senior Executive Resolution Specialist

Best Buy Corporate Campus

(612) 292-0077 Direct

(952) 430-7033 Fax


Investor Contacts: Jennifer Driscoll, 612-291-6110 Vice President, Investor Relations jennifer.driscoll@bestbuy.com

Charles Marentette, 612-291-6184 Senior Director, Investor Relations charles.marentette@bestbuy.com

Carla Haugen, 612-291-6146 Director, Investor Relations




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