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I have spent thousands at Best Buy this year and in past years. This particular store although courteous on greeting, needs lessons in manners with their return counter.

When I went this year to return a particular item, a cable box shelf for a flat screen, I was informed that they no longer carry that shelf so they could not accept my return. I should not be penalized because they stopped carrying a product. Maybe they were getting too many returns on this particular shelf. Whatever the case and although understanding the hectic return system after Christmas, there is no reason my return should not have been accepted, and certainly no reason for the customer service rudeness I and my wife received.

Perhaps I need to direct my money and the thousands I spend to another Tiger Direct.

Even Walmart has a better return policy and that is saying a lot. Perhaps Best Buy's bankruptcy is playing some part?

Monetary Loss: $53.

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I see a repeated theme... "I've spent thousands...

...So, I deserve...". Doesn't matter. What does matter is the item your trying to return, and, the return policy at that time.

If spending thousands entitled us to special treatment, then we all have the right to have a private dinner at the White House with the president, or, politic figure of our choice!

Or, How about a private party with your favorite sports or entertainment figure!

People! Get off the entitlement boat!


I noticed you left some important information out. Like, how long had it been since you purchased the shelf?

If it was no longer in their system, chances are you were trying to return something well outside of the return policy. Also, denying a return is not rude behavior by default.


BB won't accept a return during the return period because they stopped carrying a product! Wow.

What a scam!

Why would anyone purchase anything from BB in that case, since they obviously don't stand behind the products they sell.


used car salesman at the return counters///////they do not want any returns////////do not ever get your phone from them the plans suck and the warrant is a complete joke


"I have spent thousands at Best Buy this year and in past years."

What does that have to do with anything? Are you saying rules shouldn't apply to you? Sorry princess, you aren't special.

They do not carry the product any longer. What are they supposed to do with it? Use some common sense.


What you most likely "forgot" to mention was that you bought the product years ago. Also since when did not giving you your way equal to rudeness?

Rude would be if he told you "We are not going to be allowing you to return the product, so get the fudge out or something.

It is not rude when someone follows the rules of the regulations. They do not need lessons on returns, perhaps you need to look up the definition of "rude".


Even if they did get a bit rude, I'd bet $100 this effer copped an attitude when they were told no and I bet this 'rude' customer wouldn't drop the issue. If this dingdong really did spend 1,000s at BB, they could afford to eat the occasional misshap.

I would've just been like, "Awww maan. Well, I know it's not your fault. Alright, thanks for lettin me know Bud.

Happy New Year!" And then carry on with life. Sheesaloo, sshiitHappens *** get over it.

John N

A word to the wise: best to not shop at Best Buy for anything either expensive or important. They are having serious financial problems and could go the way of Circuit City at any time, leaving your out in the cold.

Buy elsewhere. They have had their day in the sun.

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