Kings Park, New York
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To: Best Buy Corporate Office.

To Whom It May Concern:

On 2/24/2010 at 9:05PM, I have purchased a Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution, top of the line, keyboard & mouse set for $169.99 plus sales tax at Best Buy store # 599 located at: 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11224. It was a 25th birthday gift for my wife. When she opened a box the next day, it was the whole bunch of different items, none of which belong to the item purchased. We brought this back to the store the following day at 1:00 PM, in less then 24 hours. While waiting on line to exchange the product, person in front of us has returned 2 products back to Best Buy. Store employee failed to even look at the boxes that were returned back to them. I have asked them a question how they are taking the item back without inspecting them. The answer was "The box looks Okay", after which I followed with my situation. At first she said to go, and get another set and called the manager. As soon as we came back to the counter with the replacement item we were met by the Geek Squad employees. As soon as we approached the counter one of the guys said that they can not take it back, and we should contact the manufacturer of the product. I made a phone call to Logitech right there in the store. Person on the other end listened to what I had to say, and going over the items in that box, suggested that the mix up happened at the store, because none of the items in that box belonged to that set. It looked like someone shoved old used display products in that box. In about 20 minutes waiting for the store manager Alexander (Refused to provide his Last Name) has arrived. After explaining to him what have happened, he advised us that there is nothing that he can do for us, and said that this is a Small Claim, and nicely asked us to leave the store. At that time I felt like breaking that old keyboard over his head. It was a 25th Birthday Gift for my wife, and here I felt so bad and low, it was not even a matter of $185.00 money loss. I came outside, and called Best Buy Customer Relations. They said that this situation can only be resolved by the store manager. My wife went inside the store to talk to him again. After the phone conversation with Best Buy I have decided to call my bank to dispute the charge. Charge was not even processed at that time. It was still in authorization process, and they advised me to call them back next business day. While my wife was inside the store talking to manager Alexander, he asked her to leave a phone number and he will call her back with his decision within a couple of days. We left the store feeling like *** I have lost $185.08. It was the worst birthday gift ever I could give to my wife, but the Best Buy will loose more then that on the long run. There must be someone in the Corporate Office that can understand what their employees are doing to their reputation. This is very unfair that Best Buy Corporation will allow their store manager Alexander (Refuse to give his last name - like he was hiding something), treat their customers like that. I wonder if top Management at Best Buy will agree with his decision at that time. How about good old Business Law: "Customer is always right!!!" And if Best Buy thinks otherwise, Shame On You!!! You will not last too long by doing business like this.

Best regards,

Gary L. Brooklyn, NY.

Monetary Loss: $185.

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I felt like doing it, but did not threatened any one.

Meldon R

If you were threatening to break a keyboard over my head I probably wouldn't give you my last name either.


I hate Best Buy, and started a facebook group by the same name! Everyone should join as they are by far the worst company around!

GO to facebook and search I hate Best Buy.

The slogan will be Best Buy? Like *** it is!


Last week I received a phone call from a real Store Manager Richard Burg. His last name was displayed on his tag with his position in the store.

He asked me if I can come over and bring the product back. We meat the same day. Attention I received from this guy was unbelievable. He apologized for miss handling by previous floor manager that was filling in from another store, gave me his business card, gave me a brand new box, asked me if I would like to see what is inside, told me to personally contact him directly if I need anything of his assistance in the future.

Pleasant person to deal with. Thank you Rich.


Two wrongs will not make it one right... Thought about it.


You should have bought another keyboard and swapped it boy

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