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In May 2014, I went to best buy, Ocala, fl to purchase a front load washer/dryer. Best buy stated, LG was the best.

I spent $2400.00 on this purchase. Of course at check out, they wanted to sell me "geek squad protection". If this is the best, why, as a consumer should I be forced to spend additional monies for this. In March 2015 this washer, THE BEST, started leaking water.

I phoned LG, they sent a repairman who couldn't find the leak. The repairman said if this continues to call back. Well, that weekend the washer leaked again. I phoned LG who tryed to say it was my laundry detergent.

I explained I was using the same packets that I've used since day one. I asked if this was the problem why did it take 9 months to leak? Well of course he couldn't explain this. I phoned best buy, Ocala, fl.

They stated LG should replace the washer. He did try to help me. He phoned LG of which, they sent a repairman again. Once more, they couldn't find the leak.

The repairman said, it wasn't my laundry detergent. I did buy a different detergent and it still leaked. In phoning back best buy, Ocala, fl they offered NO HELP as I didn't buy "geek squad protection"! They had no problem selling me this washer, nor did they have a problem taking my money.

I didn't get through the manufacturers warranty but they don't care. Best buy has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! I've filed a complaint with consumer affairs and am waiting to hear from them.

If you want a front load washer, don't buy LG and don't go to best buy. Everyone needs to read the over 1000 complaints filed with consumer affairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Well if you had purchased the Geek Squad warranty Best Buy would have helped you. However after the return/exchange timeframe Best Buy is under no further obligation to do anything.

They cannot force LG to fix or replace your washer, and they certainly aren't obligated to replace your washer after the exchange timeframe.

Consumer affairs is going to point you to LG as the manufacturer's warranty should cover this. Your complaint is with LG not Best Buy, Best Buy has done everything they are required to do.

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