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Update by user May 28, 2016

Issue resolved: $164 more for dif in price of replacement tv and next mth dlvr date. This was the worse experience, I'm glad it's over.

Update by user May 27, 2016

Best Buy really needs to be put on the spot for all this broken expensive appliances anytime you google BB you will find a neg review this is not normal or right

Original review posted by user May 26, 2016

Worse experience I've ever had in my life! got tv off wall because the model I wanted was discontinued.

it was taking to the back to box. Tv came back out in torn plastic wrap. I was told the plastic got torn from trying to fit tv in a box. They had tried serval boxes couldn't find one that fit.

got tv home plugged in .... the right side that plastic wrap was torn on was rainbow. I put tv in car and bought it back to Best Buy. manager tells me I can take tv back cause it wasn't broke when it was hanging on wall.

The tv was broke in between the man- man handling off wall and tv coming back up front to me. You can't tell these tv broke until you turn them on. She can't convince me that I broke the tv on the coincidental side the plastic was torn on. She can try to convince the judge, because I'm going to take the police advice and go to court.

Yes, I called the police. I'm in the military I believe in doing the right thing.

if it's a pressure break or something happen during the wrap, regardless I know I didn't break it. Please any one if you have these problems let it be known because this just not right these tv are over $1500!


Reason of review: i prevented someone else this hard time.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

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Issue resolved: paid $164 dif between price of broke tv and new one, and TV has to be dlvr next mth. I'll eat that extra money and the wait for dlvr, but I don't see myself as a loyal customer anymore. BB will be last choice from now on for my electronic needs.

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