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Do not buy this insurance..it is a complete rip off.. On 12/10/15 I was gifted a new Toshiba satellite ($379.99) with a 2 yr GSP&S ($159.99).

Conveniantly for them, the policy guidelines are not included and you must go to a website to view them. They really do a great job of upselling you the insurance though…they tell you how great it is and make you feel like you would be a fool not to buy it. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, DO NOT BUY IT…Roughly 3 months after owning the laptop.the screen cracked after I accidentally leaned a little on it. The only damage was the cracked screen.

I took into Best Buy and everyone waa very polite and attentive. There were only 2 people ahead of me but it was about 25-30 min.wait time before I was helped. Anyway, the young associate,Joshua,was very polite and personable. The problems came after that though.

I was told I would have it shipped back within two weeks and receive updates on the progress or status of the repair. i dropped it off 3/18/2016 and the last update i received was 3/25/2016. , For the next 2 weeks i no longer received updates and when i called they couldnt help me and said i had to call the store. I called and they said they had been trying to reach me…they somehow had both phone numbers off by one digit.

However,they had my email…but i received nothing at all thru email. They told me the laptop was too damaged and it wasnt worth fixing it on account of labor costs and extensive damage. No prob, they said, we will give you a same exact replacement. 4/16/16- im at best buy- they tell me they will give me a store credit in the amount of the cost of the computer plus taxes.

But it was paid for with a credit card. I wanted the credit card to be credited instead of receiving credit at Best Buy. Moving on, they tell me the 2 yr insurance is now void because the damage was caused by me. So in other words, getting my lap top replaced cost me $159.99 and now i woulld no longer have any insurance on my replacement laptop unless i bought it new insurance.

It was a 2 yr policy i had less than 3 months!! Of course they no longer had the same laptop available. I selected a different one and was asked if i wanted to purchase insurance for it. I was quoted about $70 for one year.

I asked to speak with a manager in hopes of getting a discounted insurance rate or perhaps a carry over. While he was very polite and even apologetic, he wouldnt do anything to lower the rate . So I aplogized to the young lady who kindly helped me and said i decided i dont want anything from a store that rips people off and added they lost a customer over $70. My credit is still there yet I want to purchase nothing from them at all.

Rip off. I shouldve taken it elsewhere to get the screen repaired.

I guess Best Buy would rather lose a customer over a years insurance...scam scam scam. I will end up selling the credit to so

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Laptop Replacement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Salinas, California

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Looks like your insurance paid off for you. Instead of being out $379.99 you are only out $159.99.

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