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I work for an alternative school and have purchased many thousands of dollars of electronics for our school from Best Buy. From projectors to apple TV's, and have been treated fairly.

My latest purchase was 4 flat screens to hang in classrooms. I purchased them in late December. We unboxed them in late January. One of them didn't work.

It was mid February before I returned to the city to get an exchange. To my dismay, they wouldn't exchange it. I was dismissed without a solution.

In the future, I will purchase my electronics from a store that has a reasonable return policy, especially for customers that purchase high volumes of electronics.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of flat screen tv and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. Best Buy needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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So by YOUR math, as a teacher no less, you expect that a business is going to return an item well over 60 days past the return date? There is no company that is going to give you ANYTHING that long after the purchase.

YOU are just being lazy and ignorant. As a teacher look at what YOU are saying PLEASE!!! It doesnt matter how much money YOU have spent. It doesnt matter WHAT you use those items for.

As far as THEY are concerned YOU are trying to SCAM THEM for a TV. Because THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!! For all they know YOU picked up a BROKEN TV and are trying to switch it out. At their cost!!!!

Sorry but YOUR version of events CANNOT be believed!! You have no one to blame but your fellow customers who have done EVERYTHING they can to rob,scam,and steal from businesses. So much so that NO ONE is believed. While YOU think its unfair YOU have only yourself to blame for waiting as long as you did.

THAT is 100% on YOU. So before YOU go blasting THEM for NOT giving you your way, understand that it was YOUR responsibility to return a defective item within the time frame they have given you.


The return policy does not state that it does not apply to people who spend (or say they spend) over a certain amount of money. That's irrelevant.

I recently bought a tablet from them, tried it out the next day, found it wouldn't meet my needs and returned it.

They very politely returned it immediately and didn't ask why.

I told them why just as a courtesy.

They credited my credit card the same day.

The whole thing was a pleasant experience and I will continue to buy there. Very pleasant and helpful people.

NO, I do not work there, I'm just a satisfied customer who understands the importance of understanding company policies.

Coral Gables, Florida, United States #957221

The average return policy for retail stores is 30 days..... You were very irresponsible.

I don't think Best Buy treated you unfairly.

You should have tested what you purchased within a normal amount of time.... Not two months later!

to Anonymous #1307807

Really your a ***.I spend thousands at Best Buy ordered a microwave for kitchen remodel never thought to open box.By the time I was ready to install it was months later opened box microwave destroyed unusable.They wouldn't take it back after opening it in the store to inspect it.Maybe they should have opened it when I picked it up.I fn hate Best Buy now spent hours to get my money back their policies suck I will never show there again the people have no sympathy and are just incompetent and rude.Had to ups the microwave back even though I picked it up in the store joke.

Orange, California, United States #957216

Ask your mom and dad about policies for different stores, they are all basically the same.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #956864

15 days is plenty reasonable. Also, if the TV doesn't work and the return policy has expired that is what a manufacturer's warranty is for. Its not like Best Buy didn't tell you the return policy both at the register and on the receipt.

to MattD78 South Windsor, Connecticut, United States #957210

Poor customer service is poor customer service.....Stand behind all the policies you want.

to escaped the blue and yellow cu Orange, California, United States #957215

You and the OP are obviously children who think policies don't apply to you. You are to follow the same policy as the rest of the world. You are not special.

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