West Palm Beach, Florida

I tried to return an item bought at this store and suggested by an associate. This did not work for me and because of ill health, I was not able to return in within the so called 30 days period.

They were unable to locate my cash sale and refused to allow me to buy the correct Wi-Fi extender that I needed. I am now left with a 74.00 item that is no good to me and I will never return to Best Buy again. It was suggested that the item could have been bought elsewhere which I found to be not how a customer of my age should be treated. I have bought many items in this store in the past and if they had looked at the box and bar code I am sure that it could have been referenced.

The recording for Christmas, states that there will be a no hassle return policy in effect!!!!! Really, it takes a religious holiday to make it right. Shame on you, Best Buy for loosing one more customer who will spread the word for having a very unfriendly policy in place.

Anyone can alter the rules for any reason especially in these hard financial times.

I intend to make an official complaint with the Corporate Office and continue to tell all my friends and associates to keep out of the store.

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So you don't have the reciept and you admit it was outside of the return policy and you're pissed because they won't take it back? That makes no sense.

And your age has nothing to do with the return policy. It is the same for everyone.


The return policy is clearly posted. Your fault and yours alone.

If that return policy is unacceptable to you, don't shop at Sears or Wal-Mart either because the same thing would've happened there. 30 days is a standard return policy.


you should of known the policy before buying the item, as it is posted all over the store. They are no required to consider your age/health/race etc in making exceptions to the policy as that is discrimination.

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