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This is certainly not the place to do business. I received an Apple ipad 2 as a gift that was purchased at Best Buy by my girlfriend on her Best Buy account.

I wanted to upgrade to the Retina Display model so I took the unopened one in to exchange/upgrade and was told that because it was purchased more than 30 days prior to me bringing it back it was tough luck. I now know why they have such poor ratings.

When I told the manager that they should learn something from Nordstroms way of doing business it fell upon deaf ears. I instead paid off my girlfriends account balance in full and will never ever spend one dime in any of their stores.

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Nordstrom is a clothing store, first of all, so you can't say that Best Buy should follow a CLOTHING STORE'S policy, as Best Buy doesn't sell clothes. They are first and foremost an electronics retailer, and as such, they have a VASTLY different policy than that of a clothing store.

Secondly, you should have returned the iPad the day that you got it if you were unhappy with it, as then it wouldn't have been a problem. Unless your girlfriend gave it to you when it was already outside of the return policy. That's just hard luck, then, and I'm truly sorry if that was the case.

Like many of the people here have already said, 30 days is MORE than reasonable for an electronics return. Almost every store now has a 15-30 day return policy on electronics. Why? Studies show that most people make returns within 15 days, so that's why most stores do that. Also, if a product is defective or if you are unhappy with it as soon as you get it, that gives you the opportunity to return it immediately once you realize you don't like it or don't want it, it doesn't work, etc. etc.

If you do receive the item as a gift and it is within the return policy, return it either the day that you get it (if the store is still open when you receive it) or the very next day. Don't hem and haw about returning it, as this will most likely result in your being told that the product is outside of the return policy, which it would be, through no fault of the store at all.

One thing to keep in mind for next time, in case you ever DO go back to Best Buy...if you have a Reward Zone card with them (not the credit card, but just the points card), they can access the "Customer Lookup" function on their computer, put in your phone number or first and last name and pull up a complete list of all the transactions that you have made within the last few months (assuming that you remembered to use your Rewards Card on those purchases). So, if you're curious to know if an item that you purchased falls within Best Buy's updated 15-day return policy, all you have to do is go into Best Buy's store shortly after you have bought it or received it (take the purchaser with you if you received it as a gift), and ask them to look up the date that you bought the product. If it's on your Rewards account (or the purchaser's account), then they should have no problem finding it, and they can tell you the exact date that it was purchased. This is what I would do in your situation with all future purchases...just something to keep in mind, though. :)


your first mistake was your girlfriend being too lazy to find out the return policy. the second mistake was her again because she got you an outdated tablet because a new iPad comes out like every few months anymore.

the third mistake was you wanting an overpriced tablet aka an iPad in the first place.

my advice? just stick with the iPad 2 because the newest iPad won't be much different, if at all.


I work for the sinking ship known as Best Buy and I can tell you this is one of the many problems plaguing the company. I understand the whole "policy is policy" idea, but this was an opportunity to get an easy "up-sell" that the managers are constantly pushing the salespeople to do.

IMO you make an exception here. Take the exchange, give the customer what he REALLY wants, and sell the iPad 2 to one of the many customers that want one.

Wow, a solution that makes everyone happy. I know that's a totally new and unfamiliar concept for BB, but maybe new and unfamiliar is what we need so we can stop *** off so many customers.


30 days is plenty of time to return an item, especially electronics. You can't single out Best Buy on a policy that is really industry standard.

Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Radio Shack, Toys R Us, and many other stores have silimiar or shorter return policies on electronics. Make sure you boycott them as well if you find that policy unacceptable.

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