Natick, Massachusetts
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The Best Buy store in Framingham, MA refused to accept a return of a Rocketfish Under-Cabinet Mount after 30 days.

The item is a 13-22 inch mount . Product numberRF-TVMUC01.

I purchased the item on June 28, 2011 for my new kitchen. Unfortunately for me, there were several delays in the completion of my kitchen in getting kitchen cabinets, flooring and lighting. So I didn't get to use the product until August 28. At that time, I tried it and didn't like how it functioned or how it looked.

At that point I tried to return it and was told of the strict 30 day policy.

Target and other stores accept returns up to 90 days after purchase.

I will never shop at Best Buy again.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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You are so right these people at rocketfish promise a 1 year warranty than if you want to return they screw you and play around bounce you around on the phone till your phone runs out of juice or you hang up in frustration. Chinese company screws you over NEVER buy Rocketfish or bestbuy they will never help if you need a return!!!


And now the exact day you have to return by is printed in bold at the top of your receipt EVERY time... Im sorry you did not look at your receipt or listen to the cashier as most of them tell you 30 days return policy... If your like most of the people I help everyday chances are you just didn't care.


I agree with Simon. Best Buy prints it on the back of your receipt and it is posted at EVERY register along with a giant billboard near the checkout.

Best Buy cannot be held liable for your construction timeline.

They also return stuff without the original packaging, as long as within 30days, where almost every other company wants the original packaging. so i'd say that seems pretty fair.


Shop around. There are many stores with a much more forgiving return policy.


Target and Costco are the only two stores that I know of that have return policies longer than 30 days. 30 days is really the industry standard for returns. Best Buy does an above average job at informing consumers of their return policy by posting it on a big sign by customer service and printing it on the back of your receipt.

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