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I received for Christmas this year a bose system from my mom---awesome product; already have it however.. I did not have the heart to tell her and could not ask her for the receipt. I simply wanted to exchange it with for a store credit and get something when the need arised.

I go into the Best Buy @ Orlando Florida near Millennia mall.

I encounter an Asian customer return agent, he asked what was wrong with it. I replied nothing as it was still factory sealed and unopened. He ask if I had the receipt, I replied no and that it was a present.

He ask if it was paid for buy cash or credit card. I stated that I do not know and wished to exchange it for a gift card/store credit!

He that they, "they" were cracking down and without a receipt he was sorry.

Rather than get upset I recalled similar experiences at the DMV, Bank teller, Post Office and many other places.

I left and went to another Best Buy 6 miles away, like I've done with banks and DMV etc.....

I explained the same story @ best buy number 2.

This time - customer agent {one with power to say NO} said yes!!1

Only wasted my time- because of a minimum wage employee

Product or Service Mentioned: Bose Corporation Speaker System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service horrendous.

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Unless it is a Surround SOund Systrem they don't cost $2000


OP:I looked up the Bose system on the internet, and None of them cost $2000.So Exactly Why did you claim a monetary loss of $2000?That Does seem greedy.


Wow Best Buy replied"Anonymous "


I dunno why you make the assumption that the first Anonymous is a representative of Best Buy. Assuming the individual actually looked up the prices of Bose systems then its a fair question to ask how the monetary loss was determined if Claimed_Monetary_Loss > Highest_Price_Bose_System. I'm personally wondering how there was any monetary loss if the return was accepted by the second store.

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