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My husband and I were banned from making returns when our returns were due to items being defective. Just to name a few examples a MacBook Pro had battery issues, the galaxy s8 had light leak around the seal, the iPad Pro had dirt under the screen, a dell laptop’s screen was delaminated, and so on.

If the quality of the products were better we wouldn’t have to return so often, but when you pay for something you expect them to work and look new. You can’t help it if you get something home and it’s defective as soon as you open it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Also keep in mind returns are a courtesy offered by the store and very few states have laws requiring states to accept returns.


*requiring stores to accept returns


TRE, or The Retail Equation, is a third party service that many retailers, including Best Buy, utilize to help track returns/exchanges in an effort to prevent losses and keep prices low for our customers.

As such, Best Buy may require a valid ID for all store returns, except where prohibited.

We accept U.S., Canadian, and Mexican Driver's Licenses; U.S. State ID; Canadian Province ID; Matricula Consular; U.S. Military ID; Passport; U.S. Laser Visa; and U.S.

Permanent Resident Card. TRE may record your ID information when you return an item and keep it in a secure database to help us validate future returns.

Are you a consumer who was warned or denied a return or exchange by The Retail Equation?

If so, and you would like a copy of your return activity report from The Retail Equation, you may call TRE at 1-800-652-2331. Please be ready to provide the last four digits of your Driver’s License number and the TRE transaction ID number on the notice given to you at the store for best assistance.

If you would prefer, you may also send an email to:

In order to ensure your privacy, please include in your message to The Retail Equation your name and a phone number where The Retail Equation can reach you. When a representative from The Retail Equation calls they will ask for your return transaction ID number and the last four digits of your ID number.

The Retail Equation prefers to call you so that you can avoid sending this information via email. Any discrepancies must be disputed directly with TRE.


Send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters.

Best Buy's corporate mailing address is:

7601 Penn Ave. S

Richfield, MN 55423

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