East Rutherford, New Jersey

I've heard all the friend-of-a-friend horror stories about Best Buy and the Geek Squad and never paid too much attention as I don't normally shop at Best Buy because their prices are so high. I didn't have a lot of choice this time as the product I bought was a cell phone protective case for a cell phone provided by my employer.

I could not shop around for the best price as the phone needed protection immediately (I am somewhat of a klutz) and the retail options in my small town are limited. The case, a Best Buy branded product, came with a 1 year warranty. After 6 months the case broke. I returned to the same store I purchased the case from, with the receipt, and they refused to replace the item with one in stock, forcing me to go to the manufacturer for replacement of the broken case.

Perhaps I would have had the same problem regardless of the retailer and this is normal retail practice. Even if it is, I still won't shop at Best Buy ever again.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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So Shelly I guess youre one of those people that buys a car gets a flat then crys rape at the dealer.


Retard, retard, retard...Best Buy does not manufacture cell phone cases or anything else for that matter. Go to bestbuy.com and please post a link to a Best Buy brand cell phone case.

How about a Best Buy brand TV? Computer? Oh you can't because they don't exist? Then you admit you don't know squat?

They may have partnerships with certain companies but that doesn't make them liable for their warranties.

You should have some idea what you're talking about before you open your ignorant mouth. I hope you don't breed.


Simon Simon Simon....if the product is a "BEST BUY" product the waranty is through BEST BUY!!!! He was absolutely correct to take the product back to the store he purchased it at. Any company that wont stand behind their own products is a company that shouldn't be in business!Sounds like your the genius...


The product was branded by Best Buy and they thought it better to send you to the manufacturer. Speaks volumes about what they consider important.


Your warranty is through the manufacturer, not Best Buy, genius.

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