Hicksville, New York
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We made a purchase of digital camera , when my wife decided to return it in few days , the store claimed she had to pay a restocking fee, and they said she was told about it. My wife was not told about this fee.

She would certainly remember if she had to pay such a fee. They will not waive the fee, We feel Best Buy is being unfair to the consumer in this case. We have always been good customers of Best Buy, but after this, we might cancel out card with them/.

She was never told about this , said, restocking fee. Best Buy is way off base about this,.

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That's what you get for using the digital camera and then returning it once you've taken all your photos ...


Apparently your wife can't speak for herself? And if you do all the talking for her isn't it likely she knew about the restocking fee but she knows how you are. So msybe she's lying to protect herself from the man who talks for her?

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