Norristown, Pennsylvania
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I was assured before shopping that the policy is to take personal checks. I selected items worth more than 1000.00 in electronics.

The sales people and manager (Reggie) was very helpful. I am a senior citizen and wanted to make the purchase with a personal check. I was rejected by the telecheck system. I went to my bank whereby I have perfect credit and more than an adequate amount of money to cover the shopping.

It was embarrassing in front of other customers to be rejected for no good reason. When I called Telecheck they said this was the store policy. As a result Best Buy lost the sale and I will think about shopping there again. Not only did I waste time shopping but felt like this company discriminates against older people who do not want to use the highest technology to make purchases.

If they would have had the curtesy to check with my bank along with my driver's lisence and PA Photo, they would have made a good sale. This is a disgrace.

No wonder these large businesses are going under! STUPIDITY!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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I have worked in retail. Many Companies use Telecheck because they take the lose on any returned check and have to do the collecting.

The business pays for that service so they will not have to eat uncollectable bad checks.

Since Telecheck is the one who is taking a risk with the check then they have the right of refusal. So don't blame Best Buys.


wow okay then. that's not Best Buy's fault, it's Telecheck.

and you act as if debit/credit cards are "huge technology" they've been out for quite a while now.

you're a little hypocritical to judge them because there was a time when checks weren't around, yet you use them despite the fact that they haven't always been around. just get a debit card already, it's not complicated technology to swipe a card and then put it in a 4 digit number.

Alan C

Ok, this is 2012. Maybe we should use debit or credit cards. Otherwise, check services such as Telecheck have been used by retailers for eons. The stores DO NOT make these decisions and they are NOT privy to why a check would be rejected. This info is between you and the check service.

Also, ANY store cannot override the check service as this is grounds from FIRING. Corporate sets check parameters with Telecheck. There could be a variety of reasons. That you have money in the bank is not the only factor at that moment.

I don't shop at BBY, but there is no fault here.

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