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Just returned from Owensboro, KY Best Buy to return a wall mount for a TV that we did not end up using. I did acknowledge I did not have the receipt , and honestly informed the employee Id had the wall mount for more than 30 days.The T.V.

mount was in original , not damaged box, all hardware NOT opened and in original packages, and every thing was in excellent condition. I only wanted store credit, knowing this was policy for most businesses I shop. First assistant manager was, from the very beginning of our transaction, very short, impatient, and failed to even show an ounce of understanding, empathy, and did not care a bit that I, unaware of their return policy of not accepting ANY product, even with receipt, after 30 days why I was disappointed. She promptly informed me the 30 day no return was on receipts( very, very small print) and was displayed on a chart behind service desk( again, very, very small print ) I acknowledged that I understood the need for this policy for many products, such at technology or seasonal, but a wall mount still in stock!?!/!/ Bottom line.

when another manager was called, he also did not show an ounce of caring that I was an unhappy custsomer. I think that what bothers me the most.....their lack of understanding or concern that i was out over 100.00 Never, Never have I written a complaint! Never, never would I have tried to be dishonest or expect them to take back a product that was not in original, sellable condition. I plan to NEVER purchase a product from Best Buy again because of the way I was treated!

Suppose it would have been best to have told them Id only had it a few weeks!

Sorry , left allot out and still did not tell all! Thank you for your time.

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This is where people fail to understand policies are there for a reason if they do it for you they have to do it for everyone.. And you more then *** well new how long you had "nowing this was policy for most businesses I shop".

Dont expect for them to bend over back wards for you you had 30 days but where to lazy to go then expect them to be at your convenience. Customers like you suck huge bolas!

Eugene D

Always use a credit/debit card for these type of purchases. You would have had no problem. A Best Buy rewards card used with this purchase could have alleviated this as well


Even if they were to give you store credit they would give you the lowest amount sold. jus for the fact they don't know how much you paid for it.

Or maybe you stole it, and trying to get credit for it. No proof.


Just FYI, wall mounts on eBay are significantly cheaper than Best Buy. If you spent $100 at Best Buy for a wall mount, you'd more than likely be able to purchase one on eBay for about $20.

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