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How to find a Manager or Supervisor on site or able to be contacted when a customer complaint

When in your store in Medford, Oregon the first time when I asked to speak with a manager or a Supervisor I was told by three employees there were no Managers or Supervisors at that location. On my second visit to the store Each person I spoke with was the manager.

After spending thirty years in retail as a Regional Manager I find it odd there is not Supervisors available. When I called the "Customer Service" number I was again told there were no Supervisors in the company or in the "Customer Service" line, again an odd situation. The problem hasn't been resolved I have at this point contacted the BBB for all the good they do.

Thank you for any attention you can give this matter. Regards William Lile

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I feel your pain and totally agree. Look up your BB on linkedin...find the DM and GM...go to the store and find them. It worked for one problem I dealing with another. Good Luck

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not provide any information if there are any supervisors in the company at
To get more information about how to contact the correct person with a customer complaint, please reach out to the Best Buy customer care team by phone at (888) 237-8289, via the company's social networks or via the support form on the PissedConsumer website. You may also send your complaint by mail to
Best Buy, Inc. Attn: Customer Care/Privacy 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, Minnesota 55423-3645 United States

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My order was sent to Kentucky. Is there any way you could send it to my real adresss in brooklyn NY?

That's what happened

1 answer
According to the Best Buy faq section, you should be able to change the shipping details only before your order is shipped.
To get more information about your order, please contact the Best Buy customer care team:
  • via the live chat at;
  • via the company's social networks.


I have set the wrong store for pickup in my most recent order. How do I change it?

I was ordering my order and then it didn’t transfer over my selected store and went back to a preset and I’m not able to make it to that store.

1 answer
According to the Best Buy help section, you can change the store pickup location within 5 business days of placing your order. To do this, you should contact the Best Buy customer care team:
  • by phone at (888) 237-8289 (toll-free number within the United States);
  • via the support form in your Best Buy account.

Do you want to be sued for a breach of contract?

by Rodgers

you're all going to get sued for a breach of contract! What happened to customer service? No wonder you're going out of business

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How much would it cost to fix a broken flat screen

by Charlayne

My friend was about to drink her beer and the bottle randomly exploded and I think a piece of glass hit the screen and cracked it a bit. The screen ended up with black and white streaks on it, I have it turned off and unplugged for now I don’t really know if that’s going to fix it by having it unplugged for a while or if I need to bring it in have it fixed I don’t know how big it is or if that matters for the price wise but it’s a small flat screen like one I can fit buckled up in my back seat haha I don’t know if that helps explain how small it is.

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What do I need to do with a package sent to my address but to an individual that doesn’t live here?

by Fareed

0 answers

need a great call battery replaced

by Graysen

have aj jitterbug flip phone. battery is dead.

no phone. in lock down-senior

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How can I purchase anything I'm looking for with a preapproved credit card

by Destynie

I was told that I w as s approved for bestbuy credit card I haven't gotten it yet but I would like to purchase a lab to printer

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How do I complain about Best Buy?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1601249
You may use the following means to contact

Where is Best Buy corporate office?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1601247
Here is Best Buy headquarters address:
Best Buy, Inc.
7601 Penn Avenue
South Richfield, Minnesota 55423
United States

How can I talk to Best Buy customer service team?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1601243
You can reach out to customer support bu follolwing phone numbers:

employee complaint

by Anabela

It has been impossible to find an email to complain about a Best Buy employee and Manager. The complaint is regarding the Best Buy at 5019 S.Cleveland Ave Fort Myers,FL 33907. Is there a direct email for this store or other Management?

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