Update by user Aug 20, 2019

i was contacted and replied to. the money was priorly refunded.

customers need to hear a reason.

i could of said i can wait a little longer depending the amount of time. that ship has sailed id be at the back of the line again now.

Original review posted by user Aug 19, 2019

i went to best buy in person.

paid in person. they accepted $1012.00 all together the shipping date was 7/16 then turned into a full month all together.

they cancelled my order. were they collecting intrest with the money? a entire month! ordered on 7/06/ its aug 19th

Sales person said it was ordered.

Sony directed me to them as a authorized dealer.

now people are selling xperia 1 for $650. so whats going on they are 3rd party sellers? this is the defined term of false advertising. sueing them would just be bad all around but why wait an entire month to cancel it?

i dont trust unauthorized dealers either possible viruses or scams.

i need a legit phone... so i can ensure i actually get my messages and make appointment on a secure cell phone unlocked and my choice of provider. took me 2-3 months to plan to buy this product. not many places sell it.

huge investment for me. i care little about price changes the others arent authorized dealers it would be stupid to by from 3rd parties. the web is full of scam artist redirecting and fraud.

a simple explination would be nice.

also any dealer thats offical.

if i need to pay cash cause someone interfering.

i choose it cause i know offically it would be unused. no malware installed.

this is my first bad experiance. thats actually not as bad compared to MANY OTHER PLACES

a simple check of inventory / a simple phone call could of solved this i just feel let down & hindered me for a month.

i am getting the refund but not going to new york. nor ordering online.

Reason of review: Lied to.

Preferred solution: i wont know till i know why.

Best Buy Pros: Quality.

Best Buy Cons: Failed to provide the product.

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