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I'm writing Best Buy for a concern we had with the purchase of a stove back on Oct 14, 2014. On our first delivery attempt the stove did not arrive as scheduled nor did Best Buy contact me to inform us that the stove would not be delivered.

I had to contact Best Buy and 30 minutes later they told me that it had not left the warehouse in another state yet. Quickly apologized rescheduled it for the following week and sent me a $100 gift card for my inconvenience. Which I received about 6 days later. The next delivery date the same problem, I got a phone call the day before stating my delivery time so I made myself available again to accept the delivery which never showed up and I never received a phone call informing us that it would not be delivered again.

Contacted Best Buy again after another 30 minutes on the phone waiting for the associate to find out what happened, she eventually transferred me to the warehouse in Dallas where I spoke with Amber or Amanda I believe, told me she found it on a dock in Louisiana assured me it was on that truck heading to Dallas that night and I can have it for this Sat, 4 days later. I said I cant make that date lets make it for Monday. She said no problem, and said she would send me another $100 gift card my inconvenience for the second time. Now the third attempt.

It was rescheduled for Monday Nov. the 3rd. Sat afternoon on Nov. 1st I got a phone call telling me when to expect my delivery for the upcoming Monday.

Around noon on Monday I did receive a phone call from Best Buy telling me that my delivery will not happen again. I'm really surprised I got a phone call. I called best buy and spent no less than 2 hours on the phone trying to get some answers as to why it's not at my home yet. The worst is that Best Buy had no idea where it was or when it would be delivered, that is a major problem for a company of this size.

But they had no idea were it was, but they went ahead an rescheduled it for that upcoming Thursday, did not inform me about the new delivery date I had to look it up on my order email. And again they told me they would send me another $100 gift card for being inconvenience a third time. This is crazy I have to *** work three times to be home for a delivery that never show's up. I had enough of wasting my time and my money so I went to Best Buy and was able to purchase a stove at the store so we could start cooking food again.

And while I was at Best Buy I called the warehouse in Dallas and they told me that it had still not showed up and there and was no way I would have received that stove on Thursday as promised for the 4th attempt. The next day I cancelled my order. Now if you look in the notes you will see that they were processing the remaining gifts and should be mailed soon, I have not received them as of Nov 12 called best buy and was told those were declined from the accounting dept. Why, I have no idea why Best Buy would screw up an order 3 times and by doing so trying to take care of the customer by giving them gift cards and then taking them away for no reason.

I cannot understand why a company would treat a customer so badly at no fault on our part. No way can I control a delivery of an item when I order it from a Retailer, and then for that company to totally disrespect the customer who purchased the item because they cant' get to the customers house. So for all of the inconvenience you have just read a $100 gift is how you tell your customer were sorry.

Very disappointing. I only hope you see my frustration and do the right thing by giving us what we were told we would receive for this complete disaster and I hope Best Buy figures out how not to cause another customer this same problem which happens often according to the warehouse person I spoke with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Gifts Cards I was Promised.

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