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I placed an order, BBY01-8064****0722, on Sunday, February 14th at 4:52 pm. When I placed this order, I was offered 1-day shipping which would have the product arrive on Monday, February 15th.

I chose this option instead of going into the store because I needed the product for work by Wednesday, February 17th. Had I known meeting this goal would be a problem, I would have purchased the item at a brick and mortar store. And after the frustrated dealings with your customer service team, it would certainly not be a Best Buy.

On Monday, February 15th at 3:10am, I got an email saying that my delivery was delayed. Now I know delays happen, and that's ok, but I wasn't offered a reason as to why.

Regardless, I was not concerned at this time, as it seems like it is in the reasonable parameters of a delay.

On Monday, February 15th at 10:42am, I get an email that the product has shipped and I should receive it by the end of day on Tuesday, February 16th. While this is a full 24-hour delay from when it was originally scheduled, this is still within the reasonable parameters of a shipping delay in my opinion.

On Tuesday, February 16th at approximately 3pm, I checked the UPS tracking site referenced in the 10:42am February 15th email, and saw that the item still had not been shipped, and only the label was created and it was still held in the Best Buy warehouse. At this time, I called customer support for the first time, I asked, in short, what was going on. At this time, the customer support agent, informed me that it had not been shipped yet, but would be shipped shortly from a warehouse in Louisiana.

This is the first of many inconsistencies.

At approximately 7pm, my product still had not been shipped. At this time, I signed onto the chat support asking again, in short, what was going on with my product, and when I could expect to get it. During the course of this chat, without me asking for it, the Agent, Andria, placed an order for replacement product to be delivered to me. Andria insisted that the product was misplaced and could not be found, and only a replacement would suffice.

When I asked Andria when the replacement item would be delivered, she said without noticing the issue, March 10th. Simply put, I was enraged. I had already informed Andria that the purpose of my purchase was to receive it by February 17th, but Andria had no problem with me not receiving a product until 3 weeks later. Andria then canceled the order that I never requested or consented to.

At this time, I asked to be escalated to Andria's manager.

Andria's manager, James got on the live chat feature, and James assured me that my product would be shipped shortly. However, James also came to the conclusion that my product was misplaced. James walked me through several insufficient options, none of which entailed me getting my product in a reasonable time frame. By this time, I had accepted that end of day Wednesday, 48 hours after my original delivery date was reasonable.

As my product had not left the Best Buy warehouse by 7pm on Tuesday. James offered me a refund for the replacement product that I never asked for or consented to, and had already been canceled. How magnanimous of James! I wouldn't have to pay for something that I wasn't receiving.

During the course of this live chat with Andria and James, I got another email that the tracking information had been updated.

All of a sudden, my product was not misplaced. What a relief! It would come by 9pm on Wednesday,

And the box did come Wednesday evening. However, when I opened the box Wednesday night, and went to plug in my product, I was yet again dismayed by the status of this order.

The cable to plug the monitor into the wall was replaced with one that was for a desktop computer instead. This rendered the monitor useless. At this time, I went to contact the support team, but they were closed for the night. Again my problems would have to wait.

My time considered invaluable once more.

At approximately 8:30am this morning, I called customer service hoping for a quick resolution to this issue. Spoiler alert, if you're still reading this email, there wasn't one. I was informed by the customer service agent that the "backend support team" would call me within 30 minutes. All I wanted was a replacement part, the correct outlet plug so my monitor would work.

At approximately 10:30am when I still had not received a call from them, I called the customer service line again.

Then I was on the phone with the customer service representative for over an hour, although during much of it I was on hold, again repeating that all I wanted was my product to work. The customer service rep offered me (1) a 10% discount (in which case I would either have to purchase my own power cord or have a monitor that is inoperative); (2) A refund (in which case I would have neither a monitor nor my time back), but fortunately they would provide me with a shipping label that I would need to find a way to print out; or (3) a replacement, which wouldn't be delivered until Friday, 5 days after my originally scheduled delivery.

None of these options were acceptable to me. I told the agent that if I couldn't get the wire delivered to me by 9am tomorrow, then none of the options were worth discussing. The bargain I had struck when I purchased the product was receipt of a working monitor by end of day Monday.

At noon on Thursday, I am still waiting.

Not only that, options 2 and 3 would all cost YOU more than just shipping me the replacement power cord. When I told the customer service agent this, she said her manager would call me within 2-3 hours. I am still waiting for this call at this time.

Now, looking back at my frustrating interactions with robotic customer service representatives, it is very clear that they are unable to assist me. Not only that, it is clear they either don't care about me as a customer or don't care about my time or consider it valuable, or perhaps both.

So, now I am turning to the corporate email address to give you all a shot to rectify this situation, before I shout about my frustrations from the mountaintops.

All I want, is the product that I ordered to work as described, and to be compensated for the hours upon hours that I have wasted trying to get there. Nothing more, nothing less.

User's recommendation: Stay the *** away.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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