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My recent experiences have been abismal with Best Buy and their staff.

I had gone into the store looking to have a car alarm installed in my camper van. Without even looking at the vehicle, they said that a motion detector could not be used in that vehicle. That was my first indicator that their installation group had no idea of what they were doing.

My next experience was with the sales staff while searching for a security camera system. The salesman pointed to what was on the shelf. I asked him about which ones would fit my need. He told me outright that he had no knowledge of their products. I asked for him to get someone that did know. He told me that he knew of no one that did... I walked out.

I decided to see if anything had changed in their staff over a year later. I walked into the store, requested a salesperson to assist me in locating a replacement speaker for my car stereo. I waited in front of the car stereo section for ten minutes while three staff members walked right by me. Finally a sales rep came over, located a possible replacement. I asked him if he could go with me to the car to see if the speaker would fit. His manager told him to tell me that I would have to purchase the speaker first and then return it if it didn't fit... right there in front of the store! I explained the stupidity of doing things in this manner and then, once again, walked out of the store with no purchase.

I have come to terms that the Best Buy staff couldn't find their *** with both hands and a flashlight. The Bellingham Washington store has to be one of their worst stores and I will not bother with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do your own research. Why would you expect minimum-wage employees who get no commissions to know every single product on their shelves? You need to take ownership of your purchases.


Best Buy has been staffing it's stores of late with people who know little, if anything about the products they sell. I have abandoned Best Buy and go elsewhere for my needs.

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