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I recently pre-ordered Halo 4 online to be picked up at the Joliet, IL store #307. Upon arriving, showed my online receipt and was told to get into line. Upon getting in that line and waiting 45 minutes. I got to the cash register to an employee(Girl with tattoos) that didn't know what I was presenting to her. She talked to another employee next to her, and the gentleman said to just go pick up my copy I paid for it. I then proceeded to walk to the security checkpoint and though, how will best buy be able to track I picked it up if they didn't go into the system. I was then told to go to customer service were I waited another 30 minutes because only ONE person knew how to process your online orders and even she had no clue about something. I'm really disappointed in your lack of training given to employees on a release date. If your going to open up your doors, take pre-orders and cater to gamers then train your employees. I moved a lot of my business from Amazon and Gamestop to Best Buy because of them stepping up their game in the gaming industry.

After posting on your social media network, all I get is a generic intern posting i'm sorry to hear about this. Not even assurance that it will reach the people that care that the training at the store level is not adequate in the digital age.

I'm asking for the lack of training, and disrespect received from store #307 and the continued lack of training Best Buy is giving their employees that something be done to compensate the time wasted dealing with it. If not, i'll be moving all my pre-sales and future purchases during the holiday season to somebody who appreciates my business and me being a customer.

This message will also be sent to the head of marketing and CEO,.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Awwww poor you and what does her having tatoos have to do with the situation?

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