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Did you know that Best Buy will only take your item back within 15 days. I tried to take back a $16.00 remote control to Best Buy and they told me that I had only 15 days to take it back.

It was about 20 days. They wouldn't give me a store credit or anything. Worst possible return policy. I spent over $1000 the last 5 years in the store at Christmas time.

I won't spend another dime in their stores.

I will just use them to find out what I want and go buy it on-line with Amazon, Wal-Mart or Costco. They have a real return policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $16.

Best Buy Cons: Policy or service, Poor customer service documentation and timing response, Police.

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In your post you attempt to play the victim. The reality is that you had 15 days to do the return.

The why behind why you didn’t bring it to them within the time frame allowed doesn’t matter. You had fifteen periods of 24hrs. In none of that time did you make any move to return it. Obviously you have the receipt in hand so why didn’t you read the information readily available to you.

See ppl like you still think your money matters to them. Individually it doesn’t as there are new consumers born in everyday. They implemented thier return policy due to ppl just like you. Ppl who think “I’ll just make scene and they will give me my way” or “ I ordered it online cheaper so now I will take this back and get a full refund.

Maybe YOU thinks it’s fair to use an item for 30/60/90 days and then get all your money back but it’s not. They can’t turn around and sell it and NO they don’t get credit for it. There is no “dummy customer” insurance. So you get all your money back and they get to LOSE MONEY.

A business isn’t going to be a business for very long if they allowed it to continue. So a stricter return policy was implemented so they would stop getting boned by the supposedly loyal customer. Hundreds of millions of dollars of merchandise gets destroyed every year due to those practices. So maybe instead of being an indignant mouthbreather you could take a few mins and empathize.

I also see you didn’t like the police. Did you go and make a fool of yourself. Perhaps YOU should ask questions AND read the return policy which is posted in the store and on the receipt. If you didn’t make it back in time to do the return then that is 100% entirely YOUR FAULT!

You chose not read the posted info. Then when you DO read you realize that you are beyond the time to return it yet you still go into the store and make a fool of yourself. It really sounds like you just can’t handle the adult it and should probably go back to pre school so you can learn how to be a human being again. EVERYONE has to deal with that return policy not just you so the situation isn’t about THEM being mean or rude.

It’s about YOU making both assumptions AND a fool out of yourself. Ppl who get paid far more then you have made that policy. So don’t take it out on the employees as it’s thier job to do as thier corporate masters have instructed them. Be more attentive to the info freely provided and pay attention to posted signs.

I’m sure if B.B. implements a shoot you in the face with a giant rubber band policy you would want to know.


Yes, I did know that. How? It’s right on your receipt.


That policy is {{Redacted}}. It does change if you are elite member.

I only know that now though. Still, won't shop there again.

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