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Many businesses like BestBuy are finding themselves closing due to consumers turning to on line vendors for many reasons. Today, my husband and I experienced the top two:

1. Cost (even though you have a "price match" policy in place)

2. Customer Service

Why is #2 more important than the first? How the customer is handled will be the top reason they end up walking away when they try to be conscience of trying to shop "at home" before turning to "on line" for #1. Today, BestBuy not only lost the $1,2000 item we went in to purchase, they lost the two other items totally $500 that I found while hubby was trying to discuss the "price match" promised by your Company policy.

What was the final straw? When we asked a manager to explain the policy to us, show us on their website how he stated the policy clearly outlined the requirements and he didn't want to take the time to do so. Instead, he asked a sales person to do so and walked away. When the sales person explained the policy in a bit more detail and said he could not show us the requirment in the way we were asking (we were correct) and politely stated that "third party vendors" were the problem, we told him they lost a sale. He kindly aplogoized and tried his best to see if he could do d tax will not be necessary. So overall, your price was clearly beaten. And basically, you've lost three sales today. A total over over $1800. Not because of you young man....but because of the POOR customer service your manager offered us.

Not taking the time to explain and show us their policy or offering a compromise, lost the deal BestBuy. And when we walked toward the door, what was this manager doing? He was laughing and socializing with some of the other sales people. EMPLOYEES...not customers. That is what was so important to him not even 5 minutes after he walked away from us. Yes, I will post this in other areas of social media. This one Manager has cost them their valuable reputation.....

This the reason we purchase items on line. This is the reason they find yourself competing with third party vendors who happen to be family owned and care about their customers. This is why you struggle to survive and go out of business. Overall, this makes me sad. It is not what makes America great. The family owned third party vendor is. Saved us money and offered us good service.more. We stated no, you are not the problem. Your manager is. We will purchase the item on line where there is a $200 savings an

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Pros: Product, Sales staff.

Best Buy Cons: Lousy service, Dysfunctional system, Manager.

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