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I went in to get an adapter for my sound system, they told me I had to wear a mask I told them I cant because of health issues, The lady at the door informed me that nobody will help me then, so I went in to find what I needed by myself and talk to two staff members that told me they cant talk to me unless I have a mask on , I was at least 15 feet away and I asked them if they could at least tell me where the spot is so I can find it myself, they refused to help me and said they cant help me because Im not wearing a mask, I got angry because they wouldnt even at least point out where I could look for myself! The worst customer experience I have ever had in my freaking life anywhere!

Instead of just pointing to where I could look they just walk away.

This occurred at the store in Hammond Louisiana. At 10:05 this morning

User's recommendation: Boycott the store.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: I did not like our experience with best buy.

Location: 411 Palace Drive, Hammond, LA 70403

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No shirt, no shoes, no MASK, no service. Why is it a surprise nowadays that you need a mask when in a business?

Where have you been this year?? Do the right thing and wear a mask.

Best Buy was in the right here. They did nothing wrong.


Oh and you are my doctor? They could have gotten the item for me I would have waited outside...the pandemic is a scam!


No one believes that you're the author of this story. Stop your poor attempts at trolling. Move along now child.


Please... Just do what is right for Everyone, Not just you.


How about no...the mask is a joke, the pandemic is a scam to try and take out Trump.


Dude viruses are not political. Stop listening to that guy!!

It’s not fake!! I have ppl that have died from it!! DO NOT THINK THAT THIS PANDEMIC ISNT REAL! We are all fighting an invisible enemy.

Since you can’t see it you dismiss its relevance. But catch it yourself or lose family to it and you see how real it all is. There has to be at least one person alive besides yourself that you do t want to infect or see infected.

Use that. I hate the masks too but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to wear them.


So You are going to be self centered & Only think about You. Got that.


It is Not All about You & what You want.


Please provide factual evidence when making claims. Otherwise, science wins here. Take that into consideration next time you're going to stir the pot.

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