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Some 4 years ago we purchased a Sharp TV from Best Buy. At the time we purchased the protection plan and a couple of years later, Oct. 2016 the tv needed repair. Best Buy determined it could not be repaired and replaced it. There were no issues, once the serviceman came out and stated it should be replaced we took the tv to the store and were given a replacement. Fast forward to August 31, 2018. Once again our Sharp tv died, no picture, no sound. I called Geek Squad because we had again purchased the protection plan. Because it was the Labor Day weekend when I called on the Friday morning we were not able to get service until Tuesday morning. I understand the wait with the holiday. On Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018 the service tech arrived as promised and once again determined the tv should be replaced. He gave me a phone number to call and a case number, stating that I just needed to determine the claim had been processed and we could take the old tv back to the store and get the new tv.

When I called the number a woman on the phone told me that we could not take it to the store ourselves that she would need to set up an appointment to have it delivered to our home and the next available time was not until the following week. When I asked why we couldn't just take it back to the store ourselves she told me that was not Best Buy's policy. The only thing she could do was issue us a store credit that had to be sent to us via UPS and would take 2 days. Then we could take that to the store and get a replacement tv. I was surprised but chose that option. I did take that opportunity to tell the woman I didn't feel this was very good customer service, not using foul language, but her response was that she was going to hang up now.

I decided to try and call the store where we purchased the tv to see if they could be of any assistance. I tried 6-8 times during the day to get a hold of the store but no one would answer the phone. I tried every extension offered and just stayed on hold.

I finally decided to drive to the store. I spoke with a gentleman in the store who told me they always handle replacements by having the customer bring the tv to the store and was surprised by the information I had been provided. He took the time to call about out case number and told me that a delivery of the replacement tv was set up for the following day. That was a total surprise but of course he had no idea of a time or any other details. He told me I would have to call them back to get that information.

I returned home and tried calling, of course by this time that department was closed. I then called Geek Squad. I sat on hold for 50 minutes. When I finally was able to talk to someone they could find no record of any kind of delivery being set up for the next day and told me I would have to call them back tomorrow.

I feel this is terrible customer service. I also learned from the service tech that the Sharp tv's that Best Buy sells are made for Best Buy and are an inferior product. I guess that explains why we've gone through 2 of them in less than 4 years. My advice is, if you purchase a Sharp tv from Best Buy by sure and get the protection. Just don't anticipate that by purchasing the protection you should have any expectation of customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I would like everyone from Best Buy to get on the same page so that conflicting information isn't being provided..

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