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Yesterday 1/26/17 my husband went to Best buy sore #1455 and even thou he had the required e-mail notice and receipt in hand he was refused the item purchased. The store manager stated I was to be there to pickup because I was the name on the purchase order.

Never at the time of purchase were we told that more than one name had to be listed for store pickup if the name on purchase order was unable to come to the store not only the fact that we could have had free home delivery for purchases over $35.00 which would have saved my husband the 30 mile drive to the store and the 30 mile return trip, plus the waste of time which ended being over 45 min. waiting in store. Because I was indisposed and unable to be with my husband for pickup he was told to have me call Best Buy headquarters which I did with no satisfaction from the female that answered my call I asked for a supervisor the male that came on the line after 5 min. stated he was the floor manager called himself Carlos.

He stated he could not put my husband on the pickup list because they did not have e-mail capabilities and that he would call store, he came on line and said that the store listed above was not answer the phone? When I mentioned this to my husband using a cell phone he said the manager who stated the phone never rang? This entire phone call to headquarters took a waiting on hold for over 30 min. to no satisfactory conclusion.

The only solution for me was to have headquarters cancel the order which they were able and then my husband bought another TV on his credit card. This company' s customer service is lackluster.

I am very fearful as to their guarantee service. Beware

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service and delivery, Headquarters have poor policy for pickup of merchandise.

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So if a stranger had hacked your email and picked up your item with the email and receipt, you would have been ok with that? There is a reason the purchaser has to be the one to pick up online orders.

THIS is why. The website also gives you the option to ADD ALTERNATE PICK UP PERSON when you pay.


I'm sure that person would've been pissed but isn't it also conceivable that if they would've just let the guy pick it up on that special request they would've kept a loyal customer and still continued their policy...wouldn't they then be in a better situation?


No, because how do they know the guy is the husband? Even if they call the phone number, how do they know?

This is why NO retailer will allow anyone other than the person on the order or the alternate pick up to pick up merchandise.

And how would they be in a better position? Say they let the guy pick it up, then since the man is not listed as a pick up person, the lady could claim that she did NOT give anyone permission to pick up the item, file a chargeback, get refunded, have the item, and the store loses.


Thank you captain obvious I think we all know why it is a Best Buy policy. But it's fine no worries we will take that customer all day. Thanks for the help ; )


Poor customer service through Best Buy headquarters


So if someone walked in and claimed to have your permission they should hand over your order? If they *** your email and have the order and receipt? Just give it to them?

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