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My HP laptop screen cracked through no fault of my own and I need to know the item number for the replacement part which I have heard is a very expensive part. Best buy claims not to be able to access the part number.

Because I did not buy their geek squad plan, there is virtually no help from them available. First I called their 800 national line and eventually was transferred to a number that doesn't have any help available on weekends!! Next I called the local store which was another waste of time. I highly recommend avoiding this big box store with outrageous pricing.

In December 2018 a family I know purchased a refrigerator from the local store and told me it was a purchase wrought with problems and they would never buy from Best Buy again!

Nice people that own their own business and are adept to dealing with others professionally told me that. I trust that their negative experience had nothing to do with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What's the restroom policy at Best Buy? If nobody is in the ladies room, am I allowed to go in there to tinkle? I'm too scared to used the men's room being like this, afraid I'll get beat up.


Not sure why you would go through Best Buy in order to obtain a replacement part like that. Go online and find your computer model with the technical specs and part numbers and then punch this info into your search engine and see what results you get. Best Buy is useless for something like this.

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