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On September 13 in the morning I went in and talked to a sales agent named Alex they had a laptop showing online for the price of 399.99. I went back later with Bill and Michele Day to show them the laptop as they were looking for a replacement.

The sales agent we talked to then was Jesse. We were prepared to buy them (2) and Jesse checked the stock. He only had 2 in stock. One was a demo which I thought best not to get in case something is not working.

The second one was damaged. Jesse told us that their other locations would have some. He checked the stock at other stores and found that Northland and Deerfoot Meadows had significant stock. Since it was already after 8 we decided to wait until the next day to purchase them.

We went home and I checked the price to see how good of a deal it was. The price had changed to 599.99. I called corporate customer customer service at 1 866 2378 289 and was told by Allie on the phone that any location would honor the price. I went to Northland location and spoke with the customer service and manager in the store.

Neither one would honor this price. I then called corporate customer service while still at the Northland store and was told they have a call logger system so it shows that I called but nothing more than that. About 2 hours later I went back to the Westhills location and spoke to Alex again and was again told there was nothng that could be done by Alex. I asked him to speak with his manager and they offered me a discount on something else which I wasn't interested in.

Here is the link to the laptop in question: I am extremely disappointed in the practice of this company. If they are doing something like this to one person guaranteed it is happening to someone else. When I was at the Westhills location the last time the sales agent Alex told me that the price had been changed at 6 am on September 14 for all the stores.

He even admitted it was a great deal.

When I first talked to the sales agent I told him I was visiting from overseas and wanted to take the second laptop back with me to Australia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Replacement.

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#344909 has the right to change prices whenever they want, its written right on the website. I know it sucks.

It's not the store's fault... They can't price match something without physical proof of it on sale. As far as corporate... They don't really know how the stores policies function.

They basically tell you what you want to hear. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with Best Buy.

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