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I filed a complaint against Best Buy with the Better Business Bureau this morning. I'm really upset and will not be shopping with the company again.

I purchased a Blackberry Playbook Tablet online on Thursday November 24, 2011. The Tablet was listed for $199. There was a similar product that was listed for $150 but was sold out online and the website suggested I purchase the item that I purchased. Shortly after purchasing the Tablet and $216 being taken from my bank account, I received an email that stated that the product was on back order and I would receive it in 1 to 2 weeks.

I was ok with that as long as it came before my daughter's birthday on  December 12. On Saturday afternoon, I received an email indicating that my order had been canceled. This was very upsetting to me. I then begin to call best buy and no one, I mean no one could assist me. For three days I have attempted to contact Best Buy to have them rectify this matter and I was hung up on, transferred to automated systems and tossed around from department to department.

I have sat on hold for hours waiting to speak to to someone only to be hung up on. Unacceptable Best Buy.. I am very frustrated right now because no one seems to care that my item was canceled and no one seems to care that Best Buy is still holding on to money which prevents me for purchasing anything comparable to the product. I have not been able to take advantage of the sales for the  past couple of days because Best Buy chose to advertise a product that it was unable to sell to me.

Now I am left with no money to buy my daughter the gift she wanted for her birthday.  Is this how Best Buy chooses to handle its customer during a time when our money it tight. Is this how Best Buy chooses to handle a customer that chose to spend my hard earned money with this company.. When I called in, Brian Dunn would say that he understands that every penny counts or something to that aspect..

He also states that I am a valued customer. Well I don't feel!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $217.

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My experience is EXACTLY the same complete with the hours online with rude and dismissive customer service (and I use that term loosely). I was purchasing this item for my autistic son's Christmas.

I was going to buy the Dell tablet but got duped by Best Buy into ordering this one. I missed out on all the Black Friday sales and now have NO idea what I should do next.

I will let you know if I figure anything out. Take care!

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