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I purchased a front load washer on 9.15.17 and I was told that I did not need pedestal because mine was universal. My delivery was set for 9.20.17.

I was forced to reject the washer because when the box was opened it was completely damaged. I was also informed by the driver that even if the washer was good the pedestal I had would not fit. I go to a store and the store manager helps me and exchanges the damaged item and charges me for the correct pedestal. I then am informed that my products would be delivered today (9.25.17) between 4PM-8PM.

Well guess what? These people call me at 732PM to tell me they are five minutes away. Awesome right! Nope think again...they call me back at 739PM to let me know they are at the wrong address.

I provide the correct and assume they are headed over but wrong again. I get a call from the office an hour later to inform me that not only am I not getting my products because the driver needs to be back at the warehouse by 9PM but I also that I won't be getting them until next Tuesday. So now I still have a broken washer, have lost two half days of work waiting on deliveries, and need to wait another four days!!! These people are VERY inconsiderate and I'm sorry just isn't enough right now.

It doesn't fix the problem.

Very frustrating! I'm pissed beyond belief!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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It's me again...the person that posted the initial review. Well today I am scheduled to receive me washer and pedestal.

The bad news or worst news??? Let's go with bad....the pedestal is broken so we refuse it. The worst news is that the washer isn't draining now. Yep how about that!

I cannot believe this. Such an unpleasant experience.

Do not go to Best Buy for anything. They suck!


First, let me say you are making a mistake in purchasing a front load washer. A basic top load with none of the bells and whistles is the most logical and cheapest to replace when it breaks after a few short years.

Too many problems with front loaders. That being said, just tell Best Buy to cancel the whole thing as they failed to deliver as promised. Then wander over to Lowe's and buy it there.

Why put up with bad service from Best Buy? If they don't credit your card, you just dispute it, etc.


Ohhhh and get this...just now at 937PM, I get a call from these {{Redacted}} idiots to tell me that they will be here on Monday, 9.25.17 between 4PM-8PM. They inform me that they will call me 15 minutes prior to arriving and I explain that I work nearly 30 minutes away, not including the traffic, and these mother *** tell me that they will only wait for 15 minutes after arrival. All I can do is laugh but trust that I will be cancelling my credit card once its fully paid and I will always pull people away from Best Buy.

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