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My wife & I purchased a 40 inch Samsung TV from Best Buy in Whitehall, PA. When we got it home & mounted it on the wall we found that the smart features of the TV did not work. Sadly this is the only reason we bought the TV seeing as we weren't hooking it up to cable or satellite. I contacted Best Buys Customer Service Team & spoke with Jennifer. She promised me that Best Buy would exchange the TV & give me a free upgrade seeing as this model didn't work & as compensation for my troubles. She told me that I would have to call back the next day & speak with the store manager so this could be done. I called back the next day & the manager refused to honor the deal that was made. I then called the corporate office & spoke with the Customer Service Team who refused to do anything to fix the problem. They then put me though to Executive Customer Service who promised to send me a $75 gift card (which they never did ). Then I called Executive Customer Service again & spoke with Andrew Chase who also promised that Best Buy would be willing to exchange my TV with a free upgrade if the representative Jennifer promised that. He promised to listen to the taped conversation & get back to me in 24 hours. He never called back as promised. Over a week later he called back & told me he wasn't honoring the deal he made with me. I had the named of the man who is in charge of the customer service team so I called the corporate office & asked for him. The operator told she was transferring me to his office. This lying *** didn't do what she promised & instead put me back to Executive Customer Service Department. I am now stuck with a broken TV. This company doesn't care at all about it's customers & they are consistant liars. They refuse to put you through to the people you ask for in the corporate office. In my eyes it's because the big wigs only care about counting the money from the customers & not about you if you have a problem. This company has forever lost my business & I hope you will join in BOYCOTT of BEST BUY. Please don't be *** like I was & put your trust in a company that just doesn't care about you. If this company wants to contact me in regard to this matter they are more than welcome to but i want no one from Executive Customer Service Department to contact me seeing as they are liars.
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Contact the manufacturer of the TV and work something out with them and then never go to bb again!!


We did contact Samsung & they promised a call back in 48 hours in regard to the matter but they never called back. I then contacted them back & they wanted to send a tech to my house to try & fix it.

I told them I didn't want to be stuck with a defective TV that has issues from the start. I asked them to exchange it with a free upgrade but they refused that offer.


Don't hold your breathe waiting for a response. Next time go elsewhere like all former customers do.

@No Best Buy

Sadly all the electronic stores must have the mentality. 2 years ago we bought a 60 inch LG TV & Blu Ray Player that when we plugged it in it caught the wires on fire & smoke started pouring out of the Blu Ray Player, our Directv DVR & the back of the TV.

I contacted hhGregg & they refused to do anything about it since it was less than a month old & any thing less than a month old is supposed to be taken care of by the manufacture. LG refused to do anything cause they are just plain *** So in

both Best Buys & hhGreggs cases BUYER BEWARE!

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Best Buy: Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced

I tried to used a Best Buy gift card. The amount of the products I wanted amounted to bit over the value of the card, so following the prompts on the web site, I allowed Best Buy to charge the tiny overage balance to my credit card. I received a confirmation e-mail saying the entire amount of my purchase had been charged to my credit card. I called customer service, and after 45 minutes of listening to insipid Christmas music, was informed that there was "nothing they could do." I asked for a supervisor. No satisfaction. I asked for his supervisor. He claimed that he could do nothing, despite the fact that it was their fault, and and when he asked if I had any questions, I asked for his name and his supervisor. He refused to tell me his name or the name of his supervisor. I pointed out that unauthorized charges to a credit card are illegal, and that gift cards are pointless if you can't use them. So sorry, that's too bad. I hung up, and called corporate headquarters. They sent me back to the place I began--unbelievable run-around. I was treated abusively, and I will never, ever, do business with Best Buy again. DO NOT buy Best Buy gift cards, do not trust this company, and NEVER EVER do business with them. There is a corporate culture of lying and deception that is nothing short of disgusting, and they deserve to to be treated by potential customers with same disdain they reserve for customers.
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horrible company... i placed an order for store pickup and got an email that said it was ready for pickup.

when i got to the store they said it wasn't available. Of course my card had been charged. they said they would ship one to me when it becomes available but wouldn't waive the $3.99 shipping charge.

I canceled. Waiting for refund.


Instead of spending all day on the phone, why didn't you just cancel the transaction?


You could have just cancelled your order immediately. Then re-purchased correctly. You did something wrong during checkout.

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Best Buy Gift Card

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