Best Buy - Sales Manager Review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

We came to buy a 65 to 70" TV and the sales people were too busy talking to each other to help us, then when they finally did start to help us they would start talking to other customers that came up to ask them questions instead of talking care of us first, then we asked to talk to the manager who the sales girl said didn't have time to talk to us so my husband went over and asked him about the TV we knew we wanted. He was in a rush and one of our questions was if he could include a remote for the display which was missing one. He said that he could only give us half off a remote. Then he rushed off. I can't believe how rude, rushed and bothered the staff seemed having to make time to answer questions to see us a TV. Rude.
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I am a female sr. citizen who needed a new tv for my bedroom.

went to best buy and was completely ignored while there were sales associates who were available to help me . so went across the street to Sears where a very polite young man assisted me, gave me helpful advice and got the sale..I will never purchase anything from Best Buy


Serves you right for going to Best Buy. What did you expect?

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Best Buy Sales Manager
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania | Best Buy review

STILL waiting on preorder Note 4. Was told I'd have it launch day (10/17) then was told Saturday, then Monday, then Wednesday. Called today (wednesday) and wasn't even given a time, just told its a "waiting game." Was also told they had one for sale to the general public at a different best buy, when they still had preorders to fill. Totally disorganised and borderline scammers. Utterly disgusted with their customer service.
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Best Buy - Refurbished Computer Review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I bought a refurbished computer less than a month ago to use for school. It was always slow but in the last few days it has been freezing up completely when I try to use the Internet and I have to shut it down. I called and they said all they can do is have me take it to the store and have it diagnosed, which starts at $69.99. I reiterated that I had just purchased this computer. She said there was nothing else they can do. It's possible the repair may be covered under warranty, but I would still have to pay for the diagnosis.
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Of course you have to pay for the diagnostics. Why are you so entitled or special that the rules don't apply to you?The services they offer are not free.

When you buy a car from a dealership and need work done on it, you take it back to the dealership and 9/10 times you'll have to pay for the service you want done. Same thing if you take it to a regular mechanic, you don't expect free work done from them.

Getting your computer diagnosed or worked on is no different. You're just an entitled diva


I have yet to purchase anything refurbished that actually worked. A couple of years ago or so I bought a Tom Tom GPS.

It went haywire in 8 months. I sent it for warranrty/replcement. A week later they sent me a refurbished replacement.

It had the same problem. My advise is buy new but not from Best Buy.


Did you load any software?????

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Unprofessional Customer Service Review

Took geek squad 14 days to replace I phone under insurance claim, wad told I would get a text when ready, never got text, I called the 14th day and was told my phone was there for 2 days, very unprofessional, bad customer service, staff is not well trained
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Ever try calling Best Buy and trying to reach a human being?? You would think that the "Sales Dept" would be easy to reach, since all companies would like to sell their product, NOT at BEST BUY !!! I have called numerious times, trying to get hold of ANYONE, just to...
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maybe try facebook lisa smith vp of your customer care experience

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Best Buy Has a Problem-

....We live in Oklahoma City and we buy most of our TVs,stereos and DVD players at Best Buy.My first complaint is that since I am disabled, The store does Not have an Electric Cart for the ones at Wal-Mart. The second problem with Best Buy is that there is Never a sales-person willing to Help you with your purchases. We arrive with the money to buy our items NOW...and the staff just Looks at us and wanders Away somewhere. This store needs Sales Persons that have Knowledge of All of the products available, their Cost -And their Warranties.
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Dear I Hate...etc...etc..,

Keywords here are: Customer,Geeksquad,assist &Products. Not about "Hate", as far as the Geeksquad &Their Function is concerned.

They are about Warranty Service.I've got no Beef with Them...Just the Salespersons-who Aren't There for me. (I see you've gotten up on the Wrong side of the Nest,Birdie...).Westie.


because one minute you hate Best Buy, now you don't.


no offense but Westie, you're really bipolar.


...So very Kind of you to respond to a customer's Concern...and by the way, my husband takes my wheelchair to Best Buy now. We Always purchase "Geeksquad"Protection, and we certainly Appreciate the assist we receive regarding the Products we buy. Westie.:)


Our job as a electronics sales company isn't to supply your medical needs but your technological needs. I hope you have a serious disability and are not a overweight whale like the rest of the U.S..

Blame your absence of a wheel chair on all of the obese people who use them because they eat so much they can't walk 5 feet in front of them without getting tired. So what if you enjoy food, so do I, workout lazy people!

Back to your issue, GO TO BESTBUYS WEBSITE and post about your issue or speak with a manager. We cant improve if you don't tell us.

I am sorry about your bad experience with the salesman but not the wheel chair. We can't afford to take care of those needs for you and make money. Face it, we are a business and are in it to make money like it or not.

So is Walmart, Sam Walton worked 21 hours a day and told his family to come to his work if they wanted to see him. Its business sorry!


Dear Westie,

Thank you for your kind response. I have indeed noticed the errors in locations of the original posters, particularly mine.

I pray you and yours fared well as a result of the terrible weather throughout your state.


:eek ....Dear Amy, I have noticed that,also.Seems my posts Get Around more than I do.This is Not my doing-However, you might want to watch your own posts...You might wind up sending posts from Florida.WJ.


Oh, Sorry. In re-reading, I see that you live in Oklahoma. How does your account post from so many different states?

Thanks again for your attention to my inquiry.


Dear WestieJ:

How is it that your posts appear from Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Texas?

Thank you for your reply.


...I see...(said the blind mouse)...He doth Protest too much.Perhaps Consumer questions are not his Forte.He didn't even Offer a suggestion regarding my Best Buy post..WJ.


this anonymous poster from Fremont, California is seriously getting too much of a hard on for the original posters on this site. it's just too obvious and they're doing such a bad job at hiding it.


...So, we may assume that You are an Authority on Cretins? Maybe Some of us would consider You a Cretin.However,if you are Able to Focus-maybe you might Notice the Original Complaint-and perhaps be of Some assist...and Address yourself to That Original Problem.Westie.


The funny thing about all these obvious Best Buy shills posting here is that they're just as bad at their jobs as the rest of this company's employees. It's too obvious, and regardless you're coming off as cretins.


so there we have it, WestieJ is always drunk when using this site.


...Dear Big Brush...Actually, our church is a delapidated, 1-story, wood-framed building that is painted white.There are No Steps.But a wheelchair will suffice .Even the Lawn is Flat...(That is Why I think that this city calls that Area"The Flats").WJ.


WestieJ - I didn't think you went to church...because churches don't have electric scooters for you to ride on.


Dear "I Hate,etc,etc....You are quite right.......and If Best Buy Was Perfect, then we Never would have tried to Address this Problem on this Site..

......We Raise our Rum-Spiked Coffee Cups to You, Dear Sir...for your Interest,Concern and most Amusing Comments regarding our bit of Chat.

My word, This Site is more fun then All of the Time I spend answering Questions on WestieJ, (Jgirl) and Viking Dave).


well I think you have the right to buy electronics just like anyone else but.. why keep buying electronics if you supposedly can't afford something like an electric wheelchair to get you around? you can't blame Best Buy for not being able to help every customer, they're not perfect.


Dear I Hate etc..etc..My husband & I are Distressed to Learn from you-that BEST BUY Discriminates against Older People by not Accomodating their needs.Apparently,they don't Want our Money.You state that their attitude is that due to their perceptions of Us Seniors as Creaky old folks that think of Electronics as Corded Phones and TVs with Few channels -they needn't Bother with our Custom. ...But How does this explain Best Buy's Lack of Sales Help?This is an Issue of some Concern to us.,because our home is Loaded with quite excellent electronics and we like to Keep our Hand iN the Game,so to speak.Well,That being said, Carry On....WJ.


something you need to understand is that most old people don't shop at Best Buy because they believe that electronics are corded phones and TV's with a few channels.


Dear BigBrace, We needn't have our friends "push us around"...My husband pushes my W'chair when I get tired.But I must say that Many of the larger business firms like, Home Depot,Wal-mart, Office Depot,Buyfor Less Grocery stores and varias Dept.stores offer little riding carts for the disabled.At other times,we disabled seniors of the world use our wheelchairs and Motorized Chairs....and by the way,doesn't it make you Feel just the littlest Disabled having to carry that rather Large Chip on your Shoulder? See you in Church,BigBrace.WJ.


Maybe it's because your so fat and smelly no sales associate can stand to be near you. Take a bath fatals.


Contrary to your beliefs, the world owes you nothing. Buy yourself a wheelchair you can move around or have a relative or friend (which I doubt you have) push you two around in a wheelbarrow.

#459456 see, $ 9000.00 is a Lot of money to waste just to Ferry one around, when most disabled people Stay Home 90% of the time. As for Tracking Down salespeople;it becomes a Great Task when you can't Walk without Pain.

Our local Best Buy is like a Sterile Tomb when one wants Help.We Ask for assist, however, upon arriving at the appointed area of this store...No one is in Sight!

The last salesman we talked to-pointed at the computers,said,"well,this is what we have."...Then he walked Away.No questions Could be asked, now could they? So we had to travel Clear over to Penn Square Mall here in Oklahoma City, and buy my Apple2ipad There...WestieJ.


I kind of agree with Simon, you can't rely on every store. if you are on a fixed income then why are buying major electronics at Best Buy but not buying a motorized wheelchair or something?

I personally think this post is dumb because just because the sales associates didn't come right up to you doesn't mean that they lack knowledge.

just ask them for help next time. I'm sorry that you're disabled but you're not unable to ask for help.


Dearest husband and I are disabled,retired and on a fixed-income.

Our Home is Handicapped-equipped...however, It is Very hard to Lug around my wheelchair; and unfortunately, we lack the funds to waste our meager monies on a Fancy Drive cart for me.Stores usually have drive-carts for old folks like us..and we appreciate the Assist.


If you require a motorized cart, why don't you buy your own? Quit relying on the world to provide for you. Quit using your disability as a crutch so the whole world has to change everything around you.


Lose some weight so you don't need a scooter.

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Sold me a "DEAD"laptop,its brand new, and has a bad motherboard | Best Buy review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

purchased a new samssung laptop,it would,t turn on,returned it to the store, they won,t take and had me return it by mail to the maker, weeks later i thought i had recieved my new laptop...again it wound.t turn on, and best buy would not take it back nor refund my money...i.m out about $300.00 bust buy said the 14 day return period had expired, so now i,m responsible for mail time, when best but said i had to mail it back to the maker...why diden,t best buy return it ?
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I am kind of thinking on the same lines as MauiAL50. This laptop sounds like it was not purchased at best buy. I am sure they offered to service your item per the MFW. I want to know where I can buy a samsung laptop for $300 at a Best Buy.

I do not work for best buy, use to work at a movie theater when I was younger. I find it hilarious that things do not change on the retail side of things.

Pro-tip, learn to type; i,t#!@$#s jhardwwe to Kni2ow what,s yer saying32


I've had "dead" laptops from both the manufacturer and from the big box stores as well. I actually had one "customer service" person tell me that I needed to plug it in and charge it overnight to get it to turn on that the battery needed to be charged to run the computer on AC power!

Now to the original poseter (albeit too late) and others, kep this in mind...if you have something that doesn't work from the get go (or even stops working) and is within that return period, return it. So when BB said to send the laptop back to the manufacturer for repair you simply hand them, Best Buy, your receipt and say that you would like to return the product stating that it does not function as needed. I actually had to do that with a Toshiba laptop I purchased when Circuit City was still a bigbox store. The screen had a blown pixel right out of the box and when I tried to exchange it they said one stuck pixel was "within tolerances". I told them it's not within mine since I just paid over $1200 for the laptop. They said to take it up with the manufacturer and I told them fine I'd like to return it. They only agreed to do it after they said I'd not be allowed to purchase another one from the store which I found very odd that they'd not want a sale. Whatever, I bought it elsewhere.

In summary, if you are within the return period and it doesn't function as described, return it.


I think there's more to the story than that. Where did you buy it from?

The store, MarketPlace, or through the manufacture, or some online store.

Because they will take the laptop back within 14 days.

Just seems like there's missing pieces.


Just curious, did you plug it in before trying to turn it on? I mean, I can see one, but two laptops to the same person not coming on seems a stretch to me.


sara, how bout yu open up a store and run it the way yur no sense self would like for it to be ran and see where it ends up... Obviously it seems that you're intelligent enough to do so.. Hahah

Oh nd i do not work for Best Buy...


shut up Sara, no one cares about your b**chy comment. as for you anonymous, they didn't return it because IT'S NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY AFTER THOSE 14 DAYS.

THEY DIDN'T MAKE THE COMPUTER YOU DUMB MOTHERF**KER. if you purchased a replacement plan then yeah, that's more money for them. but it also means that they can fix their laptop.

you scratch their back, they scratch yours. retail stores don't make a lot of profit on computers which is why they offer replacement plans.


Best Buy is THE most reprehensible corporation. I have recently come to this undeniable realization after years of purchases on big-ticket items.

Regarding my own experience, I have written to the so-called customer care department which turned out to be useless. I will never make another purchase at Best Buy and am clearly not alone.

Just a heads-up to you regarding your will probably receive a few responses from condescending flunkies who will defend Best Buy with attempts at insulting you as well as blaming you. Do not be discouraged, these few will stop at nothing to prove they have an intelligence quotient of less than 50!

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