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First of all I do not need a job. I have enough money to buy all I need, and probably spent more at best buys then you make in a year, so no I a, not a pissed off wananbe employee for best buys, but obliviously the people who have responded are best buys employees. I...
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Best buy are criminals. They use misrepresentations on the credit cards claiming you will be charged no interest and then hit you a year later with 800 dollars in interest. Total scam with citi bank conspiring with them.

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Best buys has many issues. Racism in hiring, racism in customer relations, their reward zone is a rip off, their extended warranty program is a rip off, they bait, and switch and God knows what other illegal stuff they are doing. If a customer like me can noticed this stuff why can't the agencies that are there to protect us can't. Best buys, and walmart are getting away with a lot of things that if a small mom and pop shop was to do they be jailed..I will be contacting both my lawyer, and the media. No more lies
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I love this stratagy, if you don't get your way play the race card. Classy.


Sally, I don't know WTF he is talking about either. I have a feeling that something happened, either this person was not hired for a job, or was told that something is against store policy and is playing the race card.

He/she can contact lawyers, but it won't get them anywhere. Infact he/she can get sued by falsely accusing them of racism in hiring and customer services just because they did not get their way.

I hope whoever this person is that they actually have money because if BB sues them and they don't have enough money they may need to sell their house and live in their car. If it is a child than the parents need to teach this kid not to put false information in the media.

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