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Best Buy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Horrible, horrible customer service

Bought 60"TV online they said they could deliver. After I paid for it they said it could only be shipped. Im elderly so I need delivery&setup. I said to cancel the order and they said they did but soon I find out they didnt and now I must deal with receipt of the TV by UPS, arrange return, then wait for reimbursement. Their mistake is causing me grief and I am worried I will have problems being reimbursed. Customerservice gives nothing but a runaround, their employees are incompetent and they outright lied to me since. Do not chance dealing with this place, you will regret it. They are a nightmare.
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simple, refuse delivery, product goes back to bb and you will be credited back. don't sweat the small stuff

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Best to Pass on Best Buy

I was told by the third party repair vendor hired by "Best Buy" they would not honor my appointment because they could not verifi my address via an email/phone call I never received. I was told that there would be a $45 fee to remove my 50" tv unit from the wall, even though its unhooked and just needs to be lifted from the wall a 5 second job. I see a few things going on here 1. Best Buy has given the wrong information about a repair to this third party vendor so many times they dont trust the information they get from best buy. 2. the third party vendor drops so many TV on the ground they have to charg each person $45. If they are breaking even on this it means they drop 1 out of 45 units (based on a $2000 average unit cost) Neither of these sounds like a company I want to deal with. Bottom line Best Buy or anywhere, If a company does wrong by a customer and they are unwilling to make it right it simply means they make this mistake so often they cant afford to make it right, you should shop elsewhere. Best Buy has lost me as a customer.
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Best Buy Hates Its Customers

At least thats the only conclusion I can draw from this month long nightmare. My husband and I bought a new washer and drier from the Best Buy online store. A delivery was scheduled for Dec 13th, 2010. The delivery guys were incompetent and could not find a way to get the washer and drier into my house so they rescheduled for the next weeks. When they arrived a week later on Dec 20th, both were successfully delivered BUT the washer was damaged and non-functional (the front panel was smashed in and the unit would not even turn on and thus began our horrendous experience with Best Buy which my husband has been keeping a diary of as follows: 1st delivery - Dec 13 - incorrect measurement, refused to deliver 2nd delivery - Dec 20 - correct measurement, delivered, damaged 1st Svc req - Dec 20 - was promised callback in 48hrs 2nd Svc req - Dec 22 - follow up on previous, found out call not placed by BB and there was no record of our complaint, this time BB did place call and scheduled repair service Service sched for Dec 29 Dec 28 - learned parts on backorder, repair now on Jan 04 Dec 28 - 4 hours on phone trying to resolve sooner as we had not done laundry in 15 days 1. called BB and had to leave message 2. finally got ahold of someone at Geek Squad 3. Svc ctr manager Mervin - very unhelpful, refused to acknowledge reality of situation so I asked for supervisor 4. Mervin's manager Yolanda - after a very long discussion convinced her to call LG to confirm parts were on backorder - she unwilling to do anything else to resolve situation, we requested a replacement unit - she dumped me with "a store manager," at the closest BB 5. Plymouth Meeting PA store manager Vincent: - told us he couldn't help replace our unit because his store did not have it in stock and told us we had to call all the stores to find and talk to a manager at store with inventory - we asked him to look up other store inventories which he could easily do on his own and found out that the closest store with our unit was 80 miles away - Vincent transfered our call to this store, Lancaster 6. Lancaster, PA store manager Lisa Previtera - she informed us that she can not ship that far - the deal has to be approved by my local store - but I just got off the phone with my local store! - Lisa advised us to call Consumer Relations 7. Mike, Consumer Relations - promised us he would arrange replacement fast - promised us the order specialist Tiffany "Goosh" from dot com will respond within 48 hrs - Case# 81038140 Dec 30th: Ainsley, Consumer Relations - We called after 48 hrs no contact to check up on status - found out that there was no record of dispatch to Lisa or Tiffany Goosh to solve our problem - we requested again a dispatch for defective replacement - we requested dispatch to dot com supervisor to investigate Tiffany situation Jan 3rd: Recvd call to confirm service appt for Jan 04; 2 of 3 parts arrived; 3rd part sched ship Jan 15 (which would mean 35 days of no clean laundry) Jan 4th: 2 of 3 parts replaced by Geek Squad Technician, washer powers on but additional symptoms now appear and so it is non-functional. Service technician Dave recommends replacement; instructs us to call our local store again with our work order number. Most frusturating and unprofessional behaivor yet: Called Plymouth Meeting, PA Geek Squad, began explaining story, was abruptly interrupted mid sentence and transferred to appliances Erica. I begin explanation again, Erica says I have to talk to Geek Squad. Long hold, then Erica says I have to come to the store in person. I asked why and Erica puts the phone down on table without saying anything. Long wait - someone else picks up the phone, asks if I'm being helped. I say not exactly, begin explaining our situation all over, get interrupted again saying I have to speak to manager. Long hold, finally greeted with no name. Begin explaining, then interrupted for hold. Puts phone on table and I can hear him talking to other people re: unrelated business. Very long wait, then Erica says she cannot help and that I have to call the 800 number for any help and explains that since I bought it at dot com they can't help me. Of course this is not true, there are lots of things they can do to help me. I suggest they do it for me b/c it's been 3 weeks and we have been given nothing but the runaround. She says I will have to hold for manager - I thought that's where I had alread been. Ed Furgeson, store operations manager finally gets on line and will call support to handle it. Ed promises callback. Length of call 40 mins. It's been 22 days since I've had clean laundry and guess what I'm doing right now? I'm hold with Best Buy, current total wait time: 30 minutes and counting . . . We will never purchase from Best Buy ever again
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I am sad that Joao hates me. :cry


I hate Simon


I had a similar experience with a Maytag dishwasher I ordered from Best It arrived in 3 days, damaged and unusable.

After a month of being put off and ignored by Best Buy, I called and cancelled the whole order. I ordered the exact same dishwasher from Home Depot for $120.00 cheaper. It will be arriving in 4 days... Worst Buy has seen the last of my money.

I am cutting up my Best Buy credit card, which has $3200.00 open to buy... Very *** of Best Buy to run off this kind of customer!!


Just an analogy to show how you use drama to come to a ridiculous conclusion.


to simon what does the kids have to do with it, we are talking about a business that finds a way to put the customer through *** at every chance they get. to the marmuvet family god bless i hope and pray that you can wash soon.


Best Buy hates it's customers? A tad overdramatic don't you think? If your kid messes something up do you say "You hate me!"?

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