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From the very beginning, they sold me incorrect or less appropriate components for my home theater system. They scheduled the consultant to come out 2 days before the install! At which point, the consultant found too many issues that needed addressing - he missed a few...
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I have never trusted Best But for Eloctronics. Especially Higher end electronics

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Best Buy WILL NOT stand by their warranty

I bought a laptop (1200$) and in three month brought it there 12 times. I was very patient and the last time I said that this is *** they kicked me out of the store. The manager did not handle well they were ridiculous I am never going back. I just wanted my laptop fixed or a new one. Manchester NH Best Buy has the worst managers and Geek squad does not know what they are doing. I went the next day and they did not help at all. They treat you with a bad attitude and made me feel like I had done something wrong. I had purchased 3 year warranty but only 2 months had gone by.
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Half of the problems that come into a best buy are related to virus and spyware issues (malware) and are NOT covered by the best buy service plan or manufacturer's warranty. Also, if a "friend" of your says they had their issue fixed by the manufacturer for free (virus/spyware related) the manufacturer is just restoring the computer to factory specifics, and you lose your data.

Then you will be complaining about the manufacturer here.

Make sure that you act like you are buying a car before you buy a "service plan" or warranty. READ the terms and conditions, don't just assume that it covers everything, because that makes an *** out of you, leave me out of it.


Anyone knows if there any class action law suit going on with Bestbuy for the bogus warranty? If not I would like to help someone to get one started as they are not honoring the warranty as per their contracts. please contact me at


When they are trying to sell "THE SERVICE WARRANTY" they beg you. But when you come back with a problem..they ignore you. - Geek squad...I've heard complaints too.


if you really care take it up with their corporate and you will have everything fixed, now if its a male ware issue your on your own, cause their warranties do not cover that.

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Laptop returned 4 times - GeeksSquad did not repair and lied | Best Buy review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been a customer of the Red Lion Rd and Roosevelt Blvd Best Buy for yrs now and am extremely unhappy with the treatment that I have been givien by them in regards to a laptop that I purchased from them. I went in to their store to look at a laptop that they were advertising in their weekly flyer and when I got there,it was sold out.I looked around and found a much better one at more than double the cost and asked if they had it in stock.They said yes so I bought it.I also bought all the extra warranties and protection services that they offered with it so I would have no issues with it. I only had it for 11 months and had to have it back to them 4 times for repairs. Each time they(their geeksquad) fixed it the repair laster for 1-3 months before it gave me problems again. Anything from not being able to update my security to not even being able to log onto the internet. They "claim" to have done everything fdorm reflash the harddrive to replacing it.The last time I had it in to them,I told them I didn't want it back until it was completely fixed no matter how long it took! They told me they would have to send it out to HP for service this time and could take 3-4 weeks.I agreed.Within a week they called me and said my laptop was ready?? I asked how it came so fast,and they said they didn't know but it was back. I went to get it and the same week,it was coming up with all kinds of errors and shutting down the laptop.I complained to them saying that my manufacturers warranty was up in less than a month and I wanted a new laptop(which is in their warranty agreement. It states that Best Buy will replace your laptop if they cannot fix it! They just told me to bring it in again for them to fix it!!! I told them that that is not satisfactory and that even if they fixed it, it would only last for a short time and I would be at the same spot im in now,but without even my manufacturers warranty which was up in a few weeks. They then told me that I would have to deal with HP directly from then on!! I told them that thats why I bought all the extra warranties so I didn't have to go through this.They just said that they could not help me anymore and I would have to go through HP! I was still paying them,had it back 4 times and still had a probelm, but I would have to deal with HP on my own now! So I did contact HP and to my surprise, they never had my laptop in for reapirs as Best Buy stated! Best Buy completely lied to me about sending it to HP!! HP then told me to send in the laptop to them so they could look at it.Withing a few days of receiving the laptop, HP contacted me and said that the laptop was beyond fixing and that they were going to give me another one. In fact, they even upgraded it to an even better one. I contatced Best Buy corporate and told them what happened, and they basically brushed me off as the local store did. I told them that I had all the repiar orders form the geeksquad showing that it is a continuing problem,and they said they didn't care! I told them that while my laptop was getting fixed or replaced,I would not continue to make payments and in fact wanted a credit for all the times my laptop was in their shop for repairs.Why did I have to pay for something that was broken more than it was up and running?They just said that it would be foolish of me not to pay as it would hurt my credit!!! A multi-million dollar a yr company and they couldn't even satisfy one customer with one laptop!! Especially since all they had to do after the 2nd or 3rd time was to send it in to HP and they would have replaced it! I didn't ask them for money back,or a better computer(which this one was suppose to be)I only wanted to be able to use it and not keep getting these temporary fixes! I am completely disgusted by how they handles this and the lack of dedication to their customers! I have bought 2 computers form them withing a yrs time(one laptop and one desk top)which cost over 3k total.I am not a consumer who buys the cheapest products and expects them to perform like the best.I spend the extra money to get top of the line equipment and all associated warranties to protect them.This situation proves that they couldn't care less about me,or any other customer of theirs.They only care about getting your money and when you have a problem,they completely dismiss you! Please tell anyone you know to stay clear of their business before you get screwed over as I did.
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Here's what I have found from going through my horrible experience. First, you must write and fax at least 4 letters and file complaints with your Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission before they will actually call you back.

Until then, call them every day. Call 888-BESTBUY and ask for Consumer Relations each time. Don't ask for any other department because they have no idea what they are doing. If the store ever has to ship anything out for repair, make sure you get a tracking number and follow up to make sure that it has actually been sent out on the date that was represented to you.

If you are able to, call every day and every hour until someone finally does something and then continue to file complaints with every bureau you know. Also if the Best Buy is a member of a Chamber of Commerce or other professional organization, let them know how you are being treated.

I am sure that these organizations will not be happy to know their members are treating consumers like ***. I will never shop at Best Buy again and would strongly suggest that everyone else do the same.


That happened to my brother a couple of times. The first time they said it was shipped of to HP it was gone for three months.

Then when it came back it stopped working again about 4 months later. This time I called HP and talked to them. They did get it the second time and had to replace the MB.

My brother was so pissed. That is a long time to go without your HP laptop when you are in college.


Wow!! I had a very similar situation happen to me at Best Buy and I was a happy customer for years until I found out how *** their customer service is and how cheap they are!

I HATE BEST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't give 2 craps about their customers. As long as they get the money out of our wallets and into their greedy hands they could care less what happens to us or our defective products that we bought from them. Best Buy is a *** company and everyone with a few brain cells left should realize this sooner or later.

Those who don't, STAY AWAY FROM BEST BUY!! They sell absolute ***, they lie to their customers, and they could care less about us once they have our money and will do everything in their power to get more money out of us dishonestly!


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Misleading description on collectors music cd's | Best Buy review from Galeton, Pennsylvania

Recently bought 3 music collector cd's from Best Buy. They were produced by The Madacy Group in Canada. Supposedly they were to be original artists like The Platters, The Dell Vikings, Tom Jones etc. Well come to find out that they are in fact original artists...but they are the cheap, crummy knockoffs of the old original songs, using the original aging artists! Who wants to hear The Platters singing at 60 or 70 years old....they sound terrible. I wrote to Best Buy and The Madacy Group asking for a refund or a far no response from them. I recently read that just last month The Madacy Group had massive cancellations from Wal-Mart! Wal-Mart sells or sold the same *** imitation cd collections, but I guess complaints about the misleading advertising on the Madacy Group cd's forced Wal-Mart to cancel orders. Good for Wal-Mart...Best -Buy should follow suit. I am going to pursue this untill I get a refund or an in store credit. I hope folks will be careful when buying these fancy packaged music cd "Oldie Collections" from Best-Buy and other retailers. Watch out..the labels say "Original artists...New stereo recordings!" What the *** doesn't say you'll hear original songs sung by original aging artists! Some of these guys and gals must be in their 70's..trying to sing like when they were teenagers! Gimme a break!
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Best Buy

My elderly, disabled sister purchased a Best Buy computer with the extended warranty for about $1200. It never worked properly, if at all. She took it back to the Tupelo, MS store on numerous occassions requesting repair or replacement. After each visit, it malfunctioned within a short period of time. She finally got 2 indedpendent computer expert written evaluations that it had too many problems to repair, mailed those to the pres. of Best Buy, and requested that he honor her extended warranty with a working computer. She got back a letter of apology which is not helpful since she has no money to purchase a working computer-making it her Worst Buy.
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