Boca Raton, Florida
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I purchased some skyladers online to pick up in store. After put all my personal information I decided to use my PayPal account as a payment method.

After I received an email confirming the items were ready for pick up I drove to the store located in Fort Lauderdale only to received the worst costumer service ever. First, the lady in the counter told me that only my husband was authorized to pick up the order. Why? Nobody knows.

Her advice was "go to your home change the order and come back". I asked for the Manager. It was worst. He was disrespectful, aggressive and without manners.

Apparently the problem was that if you choose PayPal the system only register the name of the primary holder and I said "apparently" because they didn't explain that to me. They only repeat and repeat that I was nobody to pick up the order and even put the computer screen on my face "to read" my husband's name. When I said "forget it. Just cancelled the order" the manager in a very condescending voice told me that he was willing to give me my order "just this time".

Really? For a pair of Skylanders? Even when I gave them proof that was my order? Inreceived a " pick up confirmation order" but they blocked me the option that allow me to review my purchase.


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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While you were there, you could have just picked up a couple off the shelf and paid for them the regular way...just sayin.

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