Cana, Virginia
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I ordered a tablet at a sale price two eeks back for ship to store.

Last Friday I get an email saying order is almost ready for pickup but wait for final email.

On Sunday, I get email saying billing problem with order so please call.

This was understandable since I had to cancel my card which was lost and BB had not yet charged.

I called three times waiting for 15 minutes each time and the representative they could not add my new card. Finally I went online and added my new card and then called rep to verify. she said card was great and charge has gone they and that I should go and pick up my order at the store. I told her the email and the greetings on BestBut says that I should wait for a final confirmation for pickup so I would wait for it.

A fewminutes later I get an email saying that my shipment was delayed which I thought was good since at least my order was ok.

In an hour I get an email saying my order is cancelled.

I have been trying today to call bestbuy today to discuss the cancelled order. every 5 minutes an operator comes and asks me where to direct the call but does not take me anywhere.

I am really pissed off and just tired trying to reason out my order with them.

A huge thumbs down from me for BestBuy.

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Same issue, I have been charged and refunded 3 times, order cancelled and still cannot pick up my item in store. Customer service says they are having "issues" with their billing and pick up system!