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Dear Best Buy,

Your customer service is absolutely terrible. I have a bad taste in my mouth from the service I received this week. I like to purchase from Best Buy but this past experience has put me over the edge.

I ordered a Samsung Gear 2 watch on Monday November 17th, 2014. I paid an extra $15.99 to have it shipped and delivered to my house by November 19th, 2014. I needed it for an anniversary gift that night.

On November 19th in the AM, I checked the order status as I was expecting the watch to be delivered that day. I noticed that the order status online said that it was "processing" and not in the "delivery" mode. I knew something was wrong because it was suppose to be out for delivery on November 19th, 2014 and not still “processing”. So I made my first phone call into Best Buy Customer Service. After spending what seemed like several minutes navigating the automated telephone service, I talked to RossAnn. I explained my situation to her and she looked into the order. She noted that it had not been picked up by the carrier. She was not sure why or what had happened. She said it should be picked up today (Nov 19th) and possibly delivered in the next couple days. I explain that I had paid extra for shipping as I needed this item on November 19th for a very important anniversary. Now, I had no gift. She was kind enough to look into current inventory and see if there was one close by. The closest watch to my location was 2 hours away. Not a possibility for me to go get it. She says to wait to see if the carrier picks it up today and then track it from there. Not the answer I wanted but settled and got off the phone.

At 5:30pm on November 19th, I get a text from Best Buy notifying me that my order was going to be delayed (obviously) and to check my email for a new estimated delivery. I receive said email. It tells me that my new estimated delivery date is DECEMBER 18th. WHAAAAA?? That’s a month from today. Surely that's not right.

So I call back in to Best Buy customer service, again navigating the terrible automated system. Finally, I speak with Dennis. I explain to Dennis - I ordered a watch on Monday, paid to have it delivered today, it didn't come, now I have an email saying it’s going to be delivered in a month and that was just not going to work. He starts looking into it. I give him all kinds of information – name, email, phone number etc. He tells me he is unsure why it will be delivered in a month. He even starts to look for inventory in my area. Sweet Dennis, we've already done this. There is not one close. I just need to know when I'm getting this watch. (Do I need to go purchase a back up present for this anniversary or what??) Dennis puts me on hold to look at something and we get disconnected. Shoot!

So I call back. Again. 1-800-Best-Buy. (Should I put this in a speed dial place?) Surely. SURELY. SURELY WE WILL GET IT RESOLVED THIS TIME. HA. So I navigate the automated system AGAIN and get a hold of Keesha. I tell Keesha that I was just talking to Dennis and that it would be super duper cool if she could just put me back on the phone with Dennis because I've already given my information and he was looking into it. She tells me that people there do not have extensions and she can’t connect me to Dennis. But she can try to help me. So once again, I explain my story. I purchased a watch on Monday November 17th, 2014. I paid extra to have it delivered by November 19th, 2014. I did not get it. She is the third person I've talked to. I just need to figure out if it’s coming to me any time soon because the new estimated delivery date of December 18th was not going to meet my needs. She then asks me a multitude of information, of which, I've already given to the last three people. She looks into the order and informs me that - "It doesn't look like it’s going to get to you today." Well no ***, honey. It’s not even been picked up by the carrier. So, once again, she tells me she is going to look into the surrounding inventory and see if I can pick it up at a store. I explain to her - that there is a watch in three stores all of which are over two hours away from me and that I am not going to pick one up. I need to know where my dang watch it. Not going to lie - getting pretty heated at this point. She asks if I want to cancel the order. I lose it. I DONT KNOW if I want to cancel the order because I don’t know when the watch is coming, not coming, or what? Where is the watch that I ordered?? It’s in a box somewhere, waiting to be picked up by a carrier. The watch is in a box – ready to ship. So she immediately puts me on hold - I'm sure that is protocol for upset customers. After several minutes, she comes back on the phone and tells me the watch has been back ordered and in fact, the new estimated delivery date of December 18th is correct. ??? So. Let me get this straight. My order has been processed. It is waiting to be picked up by the carrier. I also know that there are watches available in three stores in Texas. And you’re telling me the watch is backordered and you can't deliver one for a month. RIGHT! Makes PERFECT sense. She asks again if I want to cancel the order. I promptly hang up. I'm obviously not getting anywhere with Ms. Keesha.

I cool off for about an hour. I do a crossfit workout, burn off some steam. Because at this point - I'm pretty darn frustrated. I’ve talked to three people and I am now where closer to this precious watch. (Imagining Smekel sitting the corner with my watch, saying “my precious… my precious.” And now, I’m scrambling to come up with ideas for a new anniversary gift. I decide after my work out that the situation still isn’t right – it doesn’t make sense. So I call... again. 1-800-Best-Buy.

I once again navigate the automated phone system. Horrible. Finally - I get a hold of Javon (forgive my spelling). Buddy, Javon, pal, friend - sweet Javon - you've got to help me. Here's the situation. My name is Christine. I ordered a Samsung Gear Watch on Monday November 17th, 2014 and paid extra to have it delivered on November 19th 2014 for a very important anniversary. As of 7:30pm on November 19th, I still do not have said watch and have been told that it will be delivered December 18th, 2014. He asks for my name and order number. I give this information once again. He finds my order - reviews it. He tells me - there's a tracking number. I hear the sound of angels singing in my head. A TRACKING NUMBER YOU SAY??? Sweet Javon?!?! A tracking number!! Sweet Jesus - a miracle has happened. This could ONLY mean that it’s headed my way. (AND NOT backordered - as informed by Ms. Keesha - thanks for blowing me off and lying to me. I totally appreciate it.) Alright - Javon - my man! When am I going to get it? His response: Well, I don’t know. Me: No no no no Javon. We were doing so good. You give me a tracking number, we become friends. Track that little ol’ package for me buddy and tell me when I am going to get it. He still can’t help me. This makes NO sense. Why can no one help me?? I tell Javon (desperately)- look - I'm NOT getting off this phone until I know when the package will be delivered to me. I've come sooooo far and you are leaving me hanging, bro. For the love of Pete and all that is Holy - when am I getting this watch? He transfers me. #facepalm

Sigh. I am transferred to Anna. Anna says, "Ma'am, what can I help you with?" I lose all the marbles I had left. You have GOT to be kidding me. I have talked to five people today. Someone can't give you a heads up when they transfer me (which I didn't think you could do) and now, NOW, you want all my information AGAIN. Right. Brilliant. So Anna puts the irate customer on hold. She comes back and asks for my information. So I give her a plethera of goodies. My name, phone number, email address, order info, dating status, likes and dislikes, allergies, blood type and my cycle. She was able, finally, to find my order. Glad I gave her that info - otherwise, we may not have been able to find it. I explain - once again - I'm sure you forgot by now. My name is Christine. I ordered a Samsung Gear 2 watch on Monday November 17th, 2014. I paid extra to have it delivered on November 19th, 2014. I don’t have it. No, I do not want to find it at a store. No, I do not want it delivered December 18th. Etc. You get the point, right?

Anna informs me that she does not know when it will be delivered. (#%&(&#!!! She thinks it is lost or possibly backordered. No. No. Just no. It’s not backordered. I said - there is a tracking number. A TRACKING NUMBER FOLKS. Javon told me there was. You put in the number and TRACK the package. (I’m in the car on my phone, driving around, avoiding going home without a gift or explanation – otherwise, I would have tracked it myself). It should give you an estimated delivery date. She says if it doesn't get to me within three days - call back. WHAT THE EVER LOVIN ***?!?! NOOOOOO!!!! WHEN IS THE FREAKIN WATCH GOING TO BE HERE?! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! She puts me on hold - yet again. By the way - the music should be more upbeat and festive for us customers that get to hear so much of it.

Anna comes back after what seems like a week. She reiterates to call back in three days. I say - Anna - I appreciate your time - I need to speak with a supervisor please. I get put on hold again. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.

Finally, Carlos picks up. Uh hi – My name is Carlos, I’m the floor manager tonight. What seems to be the problem, ma'am? I breathe deeply. Surely sounding like some serial killer stalker breathing into the phone. It’s now 8:30pm at night. I've been on the phone since 7:20pm. I haven't eaten. I'm hungry. I'm sweaty. I'm defeated. For the love of baseball - Carlos - I'm going to try to be the nicest I can but... you are the SIXTH person I've talked to today about my watch. I need some help. My patience is thin, I warn you.

So. I explain the situation again. My name is Christine...I ordered a watch on Nov... you get the point. When am I going to get my watch? He asks why I didn't contact him in the first place. Well, Carlos - if I had known you existed or if you had an extension, I would have called you earlier. But I actually thought I might talk to five other people to widen my group of friends first. I also wanted to test my patience and sanity before I talked to you. Bear with me.

I inform Carlos that I was led to believe there is a tracking number and I need to know when I am going to get it. Carlos called the UPS person and figured out it would be delivered November 20th, 2014. Boo. Too late for my anniversary (which I knew at this point). But maybe next day wouldn't be so bad. ***, I have a story to tell at this point. Carlos gives me the tracking number, case number and a fund number to a gift card to reimburse me for the 15 bucks I paid to have it delivered (I had to haggle with him to reimburse it... seriously, I did.) I have all these numbers and the hope that the watch will be delivered. I ask for Carlos's direct number --- in the case that it doesn't get delivered, I want to call back and talk to him directly. Please. Just please let me talk to the same person twice. Carlos tells me he doesn’t have a direct number (OF COURSE YOU DON’T!!!!!) and I wouldn't be able to contact him. But if I call the customer service number (the number is 1-800-Best-Buy in case yall didn’t know) and reference my case number, I should be fine. Brilliant. Yes, let me call customer service again. Have I told you about their automated telephone?? Geez.

So I get off the phone with Carlos around 9pm. Defeated. Hurt. Betrayed. Surrounded by lots of numbers but no watch. And very little hope at this point.

I explain to my significant other why he won't be getting his watch. Whomp Whomp.

In conclusion, I talked to 6 different people on the phone yesterday. Some were nice, some were rude - Keesha – lookin’ at you. I THINK I have my issue resolved. Spent HOURS on the phone... missed an important dinner. All for what? The hopes that Best Buy would make the situation right. They reimbursed me for my shipping costs with a gift card. Thank you. Truly. But this was the biggest hassle ever. My relationship is hurt... I trusted you to deliver a watch and you let me down Best Buy. And then you didn't want to help.

I'm heading home now to see if I got the watch. I'm fairly certain I'm going to have a mental break down if it’s not there when I get home. Wish me the best.

Sad Best Buy customer,

Christine Graham

Order number: BBY01-684708047553

Ordered on: November 17th, 2014

Delivery date: Unknown


Blood type: O+

Allergies: penicillin

Like: wine and eating without getting fat

Filing Status: suppose to be significant other but after no watch... I may be filing single.

Update: On November 21, 2014 – 9:31am – received a text that my order has been shipped. Sigh.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

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You're an ***, if your husband loves you he's not going to leave you because we are men not women. Give him a bj and he'll be fine. Stop whining its not best buys fault its the delivery service.


This is probably one of the funniest reviews that I have ever read for all the wrong reasons. The reasons behind it were horrible what horrible customer service and this type of thing happens way to often through Best Buy. With that being said i'm sorry you went through what you did but the presentation of this was truly enjoyable and hilarious


I work a job where I put in many hours and could not travel the extra four hours it would have taken that day. If I had the time in the first place, I would have driven to those places before I placed the online order.

I knew those watches were available in those locations before I ordered online - specifically for the reason that I did not have the time to travel to pick it up. Thus paying extra money for express shipping.

The significant other totally understood and was not upset. The point is - it shouldn't take 6 people to tell me when I was going to get said product.


Honestly, I don't know if I should feel sympathetic for you or not. If there was one available at a store two hours away and they were willing to work with you on that so that you could have the product sooner and you honestly loved your significant other, you would go out of your way to get it in time for your anniversary.

That's your choice to be lazy on your anniversary. Now if you didn't have the mode of transportation, then I could understand, but if you could have just as easily driven there to pick it up and just did want to, then I can't feel sorry for you.

That's your call.

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