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I just checked my acct to find that my acct is froze. Not because I owe Best Buy money or late.

But because I pay my bill in full. I called their 800 numbers talked with two reps. Sums up like this I have been a card holder since 2004 Never ever late once and more often than not pays the bill in full. Yet I was just told that because I did the account is frozen.

I don't know what *** these people smoke. A customer who never fails to pay and you freeze the acct. They have got to be a contender for the Darwin award. I'll be sending a much more detailed letter to Consumer Reports and the news agencies.

Last year I bought some 8000.00 worth of products from Best Buy company. They will be lucky to see a dime this year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Cons: Way beyound mad.

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Why are you complaining at Best Buy when you need to call Citibank?


Best Buy doesn't own the credit card and has nothing to do with your account, that is all handled by Citibank and owners of the card.


Something else definitely going on here but as a side note you actually have been hurting your credit since 2004. Smooth move there exlax.


From your attitude I have a feeling they canceled your account because you were too young to have one?

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