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We bought a laptop and it started having problems so we took it back to Best Buy where we bought it. We had receipt and everything the laptop came with.

We were astounded to find out they only have a 2 week return policy on electronics. We thought 90 days. 2 weeks isn't much time!! We thought they would stand behind the product they sold and they wouldn't do that either.

The Geek Squad employee wouldn't look at it because the problems are intermittent. The ONLY thing they would do is send it to HP of which we can do ourselves. This laptop is used for work and we are so very upset. We have to send it to HP!

Will never buy another HP product either!! I will NEVER buy again at Best Buy!! There's a reason they are closing 250 stores and it just isn't because VCR's aren't selling anymore!

They have THE WORST customer service I have ever encountered!! I work in customer service industry and if I treated my customers like they treated me I wouldn't have any customers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Envy X360 Laptop.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Best Buy Cons: Manager, Customer service return policy.

  • Hp Laptop Envy Lemon
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Typical you make so many assumptions it’s almost scary. You didn’t read the receipt and assumed a 90 warranty.

You assumed that making a scene would get your way, it didn’t. And you assume that anyone posting MUST work for who you are complaining about. The point is you wish to place 100% of the blame on the business when the reality is YOU FAILED TO READ! Period.

How is it THIER fault in any way that YOU didn’t read the return information printed right on the receipt? They did not mislead you as signs are posted in the store. Nor were you misled on the information on the receipt. So HOW are they a bad business?

For not just giving you your way well AFTER the return period? At what point are you going to just admit that this is on you? You didn’t read and you made assumptions. That is not the fault of Best Buy.

No retail store is going to “stand behind” a product they didn’t make. They are just a retail store and don’t have that kind of power. HP will stand behind the product and support you but it’s thier product. I’m thinking you realized that you would have to send it into HP and instead CHOSE to try and backdoor the situation in your favor so you wouldn’t be without your laptop that you use for business.

Then when you realized that Best Buy had a limited return window for products sold you CHOSE to make a scene. ANY responses you received from management comes 100% from you trying to defraud them and they are smart enough to realize what you were attempting and did not allow it. None of that situation is thier doing. They did not corrupt the laptop and it was only during your use and what you downloaded that caused the problem.

Your assumptions are NOT THIER FAULT! Don’t be such a sore loser. Accept YOUR part in the situation and move on. All you have really shown is that Best Buy sticks to thier return policy no matter how nasty you get.

It’s a shame that another business is showing MORE integrity then you. If your willing to screw over a big box store is anyone safe dealing with you?


Gee... You must be an employee at best buy. You have a *** attitude.


Do you Want Best Buy to do something about this or do you just want to vent?


I EXPECTED better customer service from a company of it's size and people need to know about their practices and that's why I posted on here! And something can get done from posting on here.

That's why they ask what you would like for a resolution and obviously it's working because you reply. Again, I ask why you post "Anonymous"....you must have something to do with Best Buy.


Nope.I do not work for Best Buy.I rarely shop at Best Buy.So why in the world do you think I have something to do with Best Buy?


Still "anonymous" huh??? I posted the issues I ran into with Best Buy so other consumers are aware of their policies.

I did not post it to be harassed by "anonymous". Do you just pick a person out and decide to harass them or what??

At any rate you are not using this forum for what it was intended. Stop harassing me.


Their Corporate Headquarters came up with the 90 day return policy, & so your complaint is with their Corporate Headquarters, Not the store level.


For electronics their return policy is 2 WEEKS not 90 days. I realize my complaint is with corporate.

When I made this complaint on here it made me pick a store. And regardless of level the customer service that was given to us was TERRIBLE!!


Then complain to their Corporate Headquarters.That information is found on their website.


Why can't I complain on here as well?? Why are you posting as "Anonymous"??

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