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Tried to buy a refrigerator from Best Buy. Evidently everyone but me knows better than to do this. One of the very worst days of my life (and that is truly saying something). The store does not answer phone calls. Not one answer all day. The delivery does not arrive at the guaranteed delivery time. I have to miss work because they keep changing the guaranteed delivery time. The delivery people eventually call me late in the day to say "Refrigerator?? What refrigerator? We have no refrigerator! We think we have found a used one somewhere on the truck -- would you like that delivered?" Corporate Customer Service answered the phone after a wait of best part of an hour. They tried for about an hour. They sincerely believe the alleged refrigerator exists but cannot determine where it may be or why it was not delivered or when it might be delivered and they cannot cancel my order -- they don't have permission. They suggest I go back to the store and ask to speak to the manager. Why would I believe a store that does this to its customers is being managed? Would this be a used manager found under a spare truck tire? Can anyone tell where such a manager might be or if or when this person might appear? Would I dare to Abandon All Hope and enter this Hades store again?
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I feel like could start a pretty large support group just of people with mysterious vanishing Best Buy refrigerators. I should have read these reviews before I ordered, but I was working on so many projects to get my house ready to sell that I thought I would just trust Best Buy to keep track of their own inventory.

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I won't buy anything from Best Buy because of this store (Bestbuy Tuttle Crossing). Employee who work are lying when they try to sell stuff for you. But NEVER take responsibility in returning process. This is what I get from this store: 1. I bought a laptop and they...
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they know the employees lie the EMPLOYEES are told to lie to you anything to get the sales. Punishment for not up selling you is no hours no job, no food, no rent, no life.

it is a dog dog world at this place.

they even lie to the employees you will get this bonus at the end of the month they even tell managers they will get bonus based on this up selling then they screw them. dog dog company

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