No they denied me my brand new item return I bout the item through call in into the store and shopping with an employee due to a recent car accident where I have broken 9 of my back vertebra and learned I could no longer do the job I give done entire life plus this was in the middle of pandemic I hadn't worked since 2019 due to virus and lived off my savings. This every last dollar I had left in my account as I stayed on road for my work paid over ($1200.00) paid for extra protection and was told they know about the novel item having battery issues but yet since being told from July, and I've called around 40 times due to not getting my return.

Said was coming I've got $130.00 back in return that it out of 1200.00 brand-new laptop. I have not used my new 2in1 HP pavilion 14 laptop yet due to it having to plugged in to work and the key codes for software doesn't work. Even geek squad contacted best buy about this.

That they had sold me multiple virus plans and Lott I wasn't even aware I was paying for until this member, however when I contacted the manager of Lexington store where made purchase I was very disrespected by the manager. Cursing and hollering like was my fault no resolute still.

User's recommendation: No something didnt know they've been on news about scamming people.

Location: Orangeburg, South Carolina

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